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Fun Team Building Activities You Can Do In Singapore

Singapore is boring you say? Really? There is no shortage of team building activities in Singapore that you can do. Go check them out and tell us you did not enjoy the activities, before you settle on calling Singapore a boring city! These activities would be perfect if, let’s say, your company does not have the budget for an overseas team building retreat.


Kayaking @ Kallang River

Get certified with 1 star kayaking certificate

What better way to strengthen team bond as well as be equipped with a new skill than to go for kayaking 1 star course? Spend a day in the sun with your colleagues and encourage each other to get out of your comfort zones as the fun and outgoing trainers lead you through the necessary skills needed to be a certified kayaker. At the end of the two-day course, you will receive a certification from the Singapore Canoe Federation to certify your qualification as a 1-Star Kayaker.


Dragon Boating

If doing capsize drills isn’t your thing, you can opt to go for dragon boating for your team building. Dragon boating is a great team sport and requires lots of coordination and communication between the members. If you have never done it before, then its time to try something new! There will be trainers to teach you the basics.


Karaoke Night

Music brings people together and is an universal language. No matter the music taste, karaoke is able to cater to almost everyone. Even if someone is not able to sing too well, you can always laugh with them. (Not at them, mind you.) Book a room at any karaoke place or book a karaoke set. Or get a team building company to arrange everything for you, complete with arranging for drinks and grubs and taking care of all the logistical issues for you!


Paintball Park

Paintballing is not only fun, it requires a strategy, proper communication and lots of teamwork! (Sounds perfect for a team building activity, does it not?)

You will be split into teams and in your teams you will be completing a variety of tasks while trying to stop your opponents from progressing. You ‘kill’ your opponents by marking them with your gas-powered paintball guns. But fret not, you will be given top-quality safety gear.

We are sure it will be an unforgettable experience, as you feel the adrenaline pump through your veins while running around ‘shooting’ at your co-workers with your gun and saving yourself from being hit.


Laser Tag

Laser Tag is another adrenaline-pumping activity which requires you to ‘kill’ your opponents with guns. But that is where the similarities with paintball ends. Laser Tag requires you to wear a lightweight vest covered with electronic sensors that detect when it is hit by a laser beam, while you fire each other with bright laser beams with your laser guns. The objective of the game is to save yourself while you take out your opposing teams, so a pro-tip would be to wear all black when going for a game; it really helps with blending in!


Escape Room

When people hear about escape room, they tend to think about teenagers going to those places after school for fun. However, Singapore has many escape rooms and they’re all suitable for adults to have fun as well! There are different types of escape room games, and you can pick and choose depending on what you are looking for. The overall idea of how it works is as follows:

A group of about 4 or more will be locked up in a room, and must solve puzzles to find the key to escape the room. There are very interesting and imaginative themes around the escape room games, and also varying levels of difficulty for those who prefer more challenges. There are escape rooms that are horror themed, fantasy themed, mythology themed, and the most popular one being mystery themed.

Just from the description you can tell that teamwork and communication is required, as you come up with ideas on how to solve the mysteries and find clues. It is not nearly as boring as it sounds, as it will be an immersive experience, like playing in a real life video game!

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