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Turn Your Dinner and Dance Event Into A Fun, Happy & Memorable Experience

Let us know the duration, preferences and key objectives of your dinner and dance event. Be it celebrating success, festive celebration or other goal settings, we customise for you. Let the adventure begins!

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Top 3 common concerns when organising an Dinner and Dance event

Having conducted over hundreds of Dinner & Dance corporate events, most organisers or even participants feedback that they experience these concerns from past events they attended. 

✘ Boring & Expected

You know the drills. You have been to multiple Dinner & Dance company events in the past years and it is getting boring. You secretly do not look forward to the next. (You are not the only one!)

✘ Low Engagement

You have been to events where you or your guests feel socially awkward. It’s more interesting to be scrolling on the phone, than being engaged with people around you. 

✘ Lack Of Professionalism

The past vendor that you worked with lacks attention to details in the programme’s flow. The execution felt haphazardly done and lacked professionalism in managing unexpected issues.


We make event planning easy and bring your event alive

Say No to boring themes

The choice of theme makes a huge difference to the event experience as it sets the tone for the evening.

From the choice of characters to dress up, dress code colours, creative props, to the decoratives at the event venue. With a wealth of experience organising dinner and dance events, we have limitless theme ideas for you to choose and custom from,. This includes Mafia, Hero VS Villian and more.

We are driven to make the day or night extra special for your guests! 

Highly engaging team building activities & entertainment

Having the right team building activities, emcee and entertainment can make or break your event. It influences the level of participation and engagement.

This requires both experience and creative planning to consider factors such as your target audience age group, preferences, venue space and more – to curate a dinner and dance event that is unique to the organisation goals, team dynamics and needs.

Our team of facilitators will dress up for your event theme and proactively engage your guests – no tables (especially at the back) are left neglected!

Proven track record in managing unexpected scenarios or changes

Whether you are planning for your company’s anniversary celebration, festive celebrations, or employee award ceremonies, we have a proven track record of managing dinner and dance events.

One key reason why clients choose us is that they get peace of mind. With over 12 years of experience, we are confident in reacting swiftly and creatively in managing unexpected scenarios, that your guests would not even notice! 


We create events that WOW your guests & create happy memories


Years of Experience


Events We Organised

At Happy Sparrow, it fuels us by creating priceless memories for you and your people. Our biggest strength is in engaging the audience. We curate dinner and dance experiences that drive greater engagement and understanding between employees and organisation leaders, boost employee recognition and performance, and elevate their commitment and sense of belonging at work – through fun, leisure and laughter!

We achieve this by having strong industry partnerships and a wealth of team building experiences in customising events unique to the organisation goals, team dynamics and needs.

Consistently recognised by the market for our ability to deliver

Highlights from past

Dinner And Dance events 


Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our customers say

Over 500 + Genuine Reviews ★ on Facebook & Google 


Unlimited Fun With Unique Team Building Experiences Abroad

Your team deserves a well rested retreat. Let us create an unforgettable trip for them! With over 11 years of corporate experience in team building and corporate travels, we have served many corporate clients such as Montessori, Pfizer, Whizland, Yogaseeds and more. Some activity types we are able to customise for your team include:

  • Popular Teambuilding programmes such as Indiana Jones, Amazing Race, Mysteries Solvers
  • Active volcano visit
  • Relaxing hotspring experience
  • Tea Planation hiking
  • Battlefield paintball
  • Cultural home with Tea Planation Villagers
  • Food galore
  • Invigorating massage and spa
  • Photography adventures
  • Yoga and meditation retreat
  • Fitness adventures 
  • and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for some of the commonly asked questions we received. Should you have further enquiries, reach out to us directly and our team will assist you.

How much to run a Dinner and Dance event?

This is a broad question, as we need to consider the venue, the number of attendees, and the specific types of equipment you require for the D&D event. Examples include LED walls, specialized backdrops, smoke machines, lighting, professional sound systems, photographers, videographers, and live streaming. However, don’t worry! At Happy Sparrow, your interests are always at the forefront of our minds. We strive to offer you the most cost-effective D&D package without exorbitant pricing. We’ll advise our clients on whether or not to include specific equipment to enhance the dinner experience. Everything can be discussed and customized according to the client’s budget.

How are you different from the usual Dinner and Dance planner?

Happy Sparrow specializes in human engagement through our customized team-building programs. It’s no surprise that when we expanded into the Dinner and Dance sector, engaging clients felt natural – it’s in our DNA! To make the experience even more special, during the D&D, Happy Sparrow not only offers a bilingual emcee and DJ but our ‘Little Sparrows’ also actively engage with participants. Plus, they’ll be dressed in line with the D&D theme, adding that extra touch to the occasion!

What are the types of Food that can be expected in your D&D?

Singapore is a multiracial country, that’s why we try to make our D&D meals all inclusive.  We have international buffets, traditional Chinese 8 course Dinner, Muslim 8 Course Dinner and even Vegetarian 8 Course Dinner too! We believe by addressing every diner’s appetite is the first step to a successful D&D!

What are the types of venues available for hosting a Dinner and Dance event in Singapore?

There are many types of venues available for hosting a Dinner and Dance event in Singapore. Some popular options include:

  1. Hotel ballrooms: Many hotels in Singapore have large ballrooms that can accommodate hundreds of guests. These ballrooms often come with catering services and audio-visual equipment.

  2. Event spaces: There are many event spaces available for rent in Singapore that can be customized to suit the needs of a Dinner and Dance event. These spaces may include warehouses, galleries, and other unique venues.

  3. Function rooms: Many restaurants and bars in Singapore have function rooms that can be booked for private events. These rooms may come with catering and audio-visual equipment.
  4. Outdoor spaces: Singapore has many beautiful outdoor spaces that can be used for a Dinner and Dance event. These spaces may include gardens, parks, and other outdoor venues.

When choosing a venue for a Dinner and Dance event in Singapore, it’s important to consider the number of guests, the type of entertainment that will be provided, and the budget for the event. It’s also important to book the venue well in advance to ensure availability.

Do you help organizers to think of Themes and Conceptualise the entire D&D program?

Absolutely! At Happy Sparrow, our guiding principle is ‘101% Customizable Adventures’. Our mission is to ensure that each client’s D&D experience is distinctively tailored to their company’s character. We work closely with our clients, suggesting themes and concepts that align with their vision, ensuring a seamless and smooth planning process leading up to their big event!

What are the different themes available for a Dinner and Dance event in Singapore?

There are many different themes available for a Dinner and Dance event in Singapore, and the theme you choose can set the tone for the entire evening.  There are many interesting themes that Happy Sparrow can help you with, some popular themes for a Dinner and Dance event in Singapore include:

Tropical: A tropical theme can be perfect for a Dinner and Dance event held during the summer months, with decor featuring palm trees, bright flowers, and tropical fruits.

Sports: A sports theme can be perfect for a corporate Dinner and Dance event, with guests dressing up in jerseys and the decor featuring sports equipment and memorabilia.

Masquerade ball: This theme typically involves guests wearing masks and formal attire, and can create an atmosphere of mystery and elegance.

Mafia: This theme requires guests to dress up like the Italian, Russian, Korean and any kind of mafias they can think of. They can don on fake tattoos, bring along their ‘fake’ guns to create that fearsome image.

Hollywood glamour: This theme is perfect for a glitzy and glamorous event, with guests dressing up in formal wear and the decor featuring lots of gold and glitter.

Retro: A retro theme can transport guests back in time, with decor and music inspired by different eras such as the 1920s or 1960s.

Carnival: A carnival theme can create a fun and lively atmosphere, with bright colors, carnival games, and circus performers.
These are just a few examples of the many different themes that Happy Sparrow can help you during your Dinner and Dance event in Singapore. When choosing a theme, Happy Sparrow will often consider the tastes and preferences of our guests, as well as the type of event we are hosting too.

Do you have contacts for performers and bands? 6. Can I bring my own performers?

Yes, absolutely! We have an extensive network of contacts to cater to various event needs. We welcomes any performers you’d like to feature at an event. However, there are some restrictions for bands and DJs. Please reach out for more details.

For people with specific dietary restrictions, are they able to sit together with their friends during a dinner and dance party?

By right, people with specific dietary restrictions should sit together in the same table for easier serving by the servers.  However, they can still sit with their friends during a dinner and dance party provided that have RSVPed earlier and letting us know where there are sitting accordingly to the table planner.  As an event planner, we have to ensure that the dietary needs of all guests are accommodated and that everyone is able to enjoy the event to the fullest.

When organizing a dinner and dance party, Happy Sparrow normally ask guests about their dietary restrictions or allergies they may have during the RSVP process. This information can then be shared with the catering team to ensure that appropriate meals are provided. It is also important to clearly label food items that contain common allergens such as nuts or shellfish, and to ensure that there are vegetarian and vegan options available.

When it comes to seating arrangements, we will consider the guests’ dietary needs when assigning tables. For example, guests with similar dietary restrictions can be seated together, or those with more complex dietary requirements can be seated near the kitchen to facilitate communication with the catering team.

By taking the time to plan for guests with specific dietary needs, we can ensure that everyone feels included and valued at the event. This can help to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere, making the dinner and dance party a memorable experience for all attendees.

Are there any additional services that can be provided, such as photography, videography, photobooth etc?

Yes, Happy Sparrow offers additional services such as photography, videography, and photobooths for Dinner and Dance events. These services can be a great way to capture memories and add some fun to the event.

Photography: A professional photographer can take high-quality photos of your guests throughout the event, capturing the special moments and memories of the night.

Videography: Videographers can create a video montage of the event, capturing the highlights and special moments. This can be a great way to share the memories of the event with attendees who may have missed out.

Photobooths: Photobooths are a fun addition to any Dinner and Dance event, allowing guests to take instant photos with fun props and backdrops.

Other additional services that may be available include Live Performances, Interactive activities, Food and Beverages experiences, Décor & Lightings and Giveaways

Live performances: Live performances, such as bands, singers, dancers, or comedians, can add excitement and entertainment to the event. You can also consider cultural performances to showcase Singapore’s diversity.

Interactive activities: Interactive activities, such as games, quizzes, or contests, can engage guests and create a fun and lively atmosphere.

Food and beverage experiences: Unique food and beverage experiences, such as interactive food stations, cocktail bars, or dessert bars, can be a great way to impress guests and provide a memorable experience.

Decor and lighting: Creative decor and lighting can transform the venue and create a theme or ambiance that fits your vision for the event.

Giveaways: Personalized or branded giveaways, such as gift bags or souvenirs, can be a nice way to thank guests for attending and provide them with a memento of the event.

When planning your Dinner and Dance event in Singapore, Happy Sparrow will help you  consider the additional services that are available and how they can enhance the overall experience for your guests. But be sure to let us know if these additional services are able to be fit within your budget and align with your vision for the event.

Our participants are mostly senior executives in the company of age 40 and above, can you accommodate suitable team building activities for us?

Yes, age need not stop someone from having fun in a team bonding activity. In fact, the seniority of the participants can make it even more fun! Our team is creative in conceptualising, organising and executing activities that can cater to almost any age group.

How early should we book the venue for a Dinner and Dance event in Singapore?

It’s recommended to book the venue for a Dinner and Dance event in Singapore as early as possible to ensure availability, especially if you have a specific date in mind or if you plan to host the event during peak season.

Ideally, you should start looking for a venue at least six months in advance, and book the venue as soon as you find one that meets your requirements and fits your budget. This will give you enough time to plan the other aspects of your event, such as catering, entertainment, and decor.

If you’re planning a large-scale event, such as a company Dinner and Dance, it’s a good idea to start planning even earlier. Some venues in Singapore may require a deposit to secure the booking, so make sure you have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions before you commit.

Booking early can also help you negotiate better rates and secure any early bird promotions that may be available. Don’t wait until the last minute to book your venue, as you may find that your preferred options are already fully booked.

This is the first time I'm organising a Dinner & Dance event. Is there anything I should take note of?

Thanks for sharing this with us! Given that it is your first time organising a D&D event, I would highly recommend you to check out our guide – The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Successful Dinner and Dance Event in Singapore. This is a general guide on what key factors you should take into consideration of during your event planning. 

If you are interested to explore engaging us for spicing up your D&D event so you can have a peace of mind, feel free to contact us for a quote. 

Do you have engagement games throughout the entire Dinner and Dance to engage the guests?

Absolutely! Given our expertise in Human Engagement, we have plenty of games to keep your guests entertained throughout the D&D event. Once the fun begins, there’ll hardly be a dull moment! Rest assured, your guests will be thoroughly engaged. And yes, there are prizes in store for the winners of our dinner games!

Are you are able to design lucky draw wheels to facilitate Lucky Draws during the Dinner and Dance?

Of course! At Happy Sparrow, we will help you design an interesting electronic Lucky Draw Wheel, and the picture of the Lucky Draw Wheel will be designed with the Theme in mind too! And our Draw Wheel can hold up to 1000 participants too!

How is the best dressed segment of the DnD being run at Happy Sparrow?

Great question! In traditional setups, organizers often spend valuable time during the D&D identifying candidates for the Best Dressed Contest, which detracts from their own enjoyment of the event. However, with Happy Sparrow, such hassles are a thing of the past. Our trained facilitators stationed at the D&D venue not only engage with attendees but also help identify the Best Dressed Male and Female nominees. They even guide the participants on what to expect and how to present themselves during the contest segment. The highlight? We utilize a live voting process, allowing all guests to participate in selecting the Best Dressed winner. This ensures everyone is involved and engaged throughout the event!

Do you have photographer to capture the beautiful moments during the Dinner and Dance event?

Definitely! At Happy Sparrow, we want all these beautiful moments to be captured by our professional photographer, so when you revisit the pictures of your D&D, you can still ‘feel’ the effect of D&D through the visually appealing pictures too!

Do you provide videographer too?

Videography is put as an option for Dinner and Dance.  Only upon request then we will invite our videographer on site to capture the fun actions and moments.

Do you provide fringe activities before the D&D?

Certainly! If the budget allows, we offer a wide variety of fringe activities to enhance your event. Our offerings range from balloon sculpting, face painting, and airbrush tattoos to leather embossing, claw machines, and much more. Please reach out to Happy Sparrow to discuss whether your budget accommodates these exciting add-ons!


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