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Where’s Ah Huat?

Look for the missing “Ah Huat” amidst the hustle and bustle. While you’re at it, be on the lookout for other missing characters too!

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About The Activity

If you like scavenger hunt related programmes, perhaps it’s time for you to up the ante. Why not try looking for “Ah Huat” in a busy street of a particular area in Singapore? “Where’s Ah Huat” is a fun and interactive virtual ‘Missing person’ hunting programme that Happy Sparrow has developed!

The teams are given a stipulated time to look for this missing person called “Ah Huat”. There will be a brief description of how “Ah Huat” looks like before the teams commence with the search. In fact, during the search for “Ah Huat”, the teams are able to find out very interesting facts about the area of search too! Try it! However, after finding Ah Huat, that’s not it! There are still other unique characters for you to discover too! Like Ah Lian, Ah Beng, Ah Hueh too! 

Skillsets Required
  1. Ability to read a map (google map)
  2. Ability to use google street view (it will also be taught
    during the programme)
  3. Able to work in small groups
  4. Time-sensitivity (cos it’s a time-based mission)
  5. High situational awareness
  6. Resourceful

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