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Running Man Games for Ultimate Team Bonding

Welcome to the dynamic world of Running Man games, brought to you by Happy Sparrow! Dive into an exhilarating blend of challenges, laughter, and teamwork, designed to break the ice and strengthen bonds.
Our specially curated Running Man activities offer a unique mix of physical and mental challenges, ideal for teams seeking an out-of-the-box bonding experience.

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Top 3 common concerns when organising Running Man Games

Having conducted over hundreds of Running Man Game Events, most organisers or even participants feedback that they experience these concerns from past events they attended. 

✘ Boring & Expected

You’ve attended multiple Running Man game events over the past years, and they’re starting to feel repetitive and boring. You might secretly dread the thought of the next one — and you’re not alone! After all, Running Man games are all about the unexpected and surprises!!

✘ Low Turnout

You’ve attended other Running Man games or team-building events and found them to be boring, lacking engagement and excitement. It often seems more appealing to skip these events rather than engaging with the people around you.

✘ Poor Planning

The past vendor that you worked with lacks attention to details in the programme’s flow. The execution felt haphazardly done and lacked professionalism in managing unexpected issues.


Running Men Adventures – Sparrow’s Edition

Running Man is a popular South Korean variety show that has been airing since 2010. The show features a cast of regular members, as well as guest stars, who participate in various challenges and games.

The premise of the show is that the cast members and guests are all “running men” who must complete missions and challenges throughout each episode in order to win prizes or avoid punishments. These missions often involve physical challenges, puzzle-solving, or other forms of competition.

The show is known for its fast-paced and humorous style, with the cast members often engaging in witty banter and playful teasing. In addition to the challenges and games, Running Man also features segments where the cast members participate in interviews or interact with fans.

Highly Engaging – Running Man Sparrow Edition

In the Sparrow’s edition, there will be ‘SPIES’ and ‘Mystery Man’ inserted in the area of operations that the participants are doing their challenge.

However, the participants have to constantly watch out for their backs, as they have to protect the Special Ribbons tagged to them, and prevent their ribbons from being ripped off by the SPIES and Mystery Men.

The ‘SPIES’ and ‘Mystery Man’ will be constantly tailing them and keeping the CHIEF updated on their whereabout.

Proven track record in managing unexpected scenarios or changes

Whether you are planning for your company’s anniversary celebration, festive celebrations, or employee award ceremonies, we have a proven track record of managing running man game events.

One key reason why clients choose us is that they get peace of mind. With over 12 years of experience, we are confident in reacting swiftly and creatively in managing unexpected scenarios, that your guests would not even notice! 

Difficulty Level

3 Different Levels To Choose From

Running Man Elite

If you have a small team size of 30 pax or less, and wanted to play in an area not so big and manageable, you can choose the Running Man Elite series.

Running Man Intense

If you have a team size between 30 to 60 pax, you can always opt for the Running Man Intense series where you can complete missions in a bigger area with more Ribbons Snatcher.

Yoo Jae Sook Level

If you have a team size of beyond 60 pax, and all of you are fit enough to move through a larger area of operations, you can always choose our Running Man Yoo Jae Sook Level!

Are You Ready for Next Level Adventure

Do You Have What It Takes to Hand The Happy Sparrow’s Running Man Adventure?

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Years of Experience


Events We Organised

At Happy Sparrow, we are passionate about crafting unforgettable experiences for you and your team through our Running Man games. Our expertise lies in captivating and engaging audiences. We design these games to foster stronger connections and understanding among team members and leaders, enhance employee recognition and performance, and deepen their commitment and sense of belonging in the workplace. All this is achieved through an exciting blend of fun, teamwork, and laughter!

We achieve this by having strong industry partnerships and a wealth of team building experiences in customising events unique to the organisation goals, team dynamics and needs.

Consistently recognised by the market for our ability to deliver

Highlights From Past

Running Man Games 


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Unlimited Fun With Unique Team Building Experiences Abroad

Your team deserves a well rested retreat. Let us create an unforgettable trip for them! With over 11 years of corporate experience in team building and corporate travels, we have served many corporate clients such as Montessori, Pfizer, Whizland, Yogaseeds and more. Some activity types we are able to customise for your team include:

  • Popular Teambuilding programmes such as Indiana Jones, Amazing Race, Mysteries Solvers
  • Active volcano visit
  • Relaxing hotspring experience
  • Tea Planation hiking
  • Battlefield paintball
  • Cultural home with Tea Planation Villagers
  • Food galore
  • Invigorating massage and spa
  • Photography adventures
  • Yoga and meditation retreat
  • Fitness adventures 
  • and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for some of the commonly asked questions we received. Should you have further enquiries, reach out to us directly and our team will assist you.

How much to run Running Game event?

The cost of hosting a Running Man game event varies depending on a few key factors. The price is influenced by the number of participants you have, as larger groups may require more resources. Additionally, we offer three distinct levels of the game, each with its own unique features and pricing. To get a precise quote tailored to your needs, please provide us with your contact information along with the specific objectives for your event. We’ll then reach out to you with detailed information and help you choose the best option for an unforgettable experience!

Do you provide food in running game event?

Yes, we do provide food options for our Running Man game events. We cater to a variety of dietary needs and preferences. Just let us know your specific requirements, and we can arrange everything from buffet spreads to à la carte selections. Our aim is to ensure that your entire experience, including meals, is enjoyable and tailored to your group’s tastes.

Our participants are mostly senior executives in the company of age 40 and above, can you accommodate suitable running man game activities for us?

Yes, we can absolutely accommodate Running Man game activities for senior executives aged 40 and above. Our games are customizable to suit different age groups, ensuring that the activities are enjoyable and appropriate for all participants. We focus on tailoring the challenges to match the energy levels and interests of your group, adding elements that are suitable for your team’s demographics and preferences.

Do we need to know how to swim for water activities?

No, it’s not necessary for participants to know how to swim for water activities in our Running Man games. We prioritize safety, so wearing a safety jacket is mandatory for all water-based challenges. This ensures everyone can participate comfortably and securely, regardless of their swimming abilities.

Are your running man games physically demanding?

Our Running Man games are designed to be engaging and fun, rather than physically demanding. However, they do require a basic level of physical fitness, as some activities involve movement and light physical challenges. We aim to strike a balance that allows all participants to enjoy the experience comfortably.

How long is Running Game Event usually?

Well, the Running Men series can last from 2hrs to 4hrs or even longer. It depends on which level and how big an area of operations you want Happy Sparrow to customize for you. The Entire Singapore is our playground. Give us a call, we will assist you accordingly!

How far in advance do we need to make a booking?

If it’s a straightforward Running Man Series, our turnaround time can be as quick as 3 working days, provided we don’t have any programs that clash with your event date. If you require Happy Sparrow to customize a new area of play, it’s better to give us a 2-week prior notice.


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