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Military Style Teambuilding

A fun, engaging, and meaningful teambuilding experience using the military genre.

In-Person Programmes

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About The Activity

Many clients of Happy Sparrow told him that they would like to experience “military training” in a more relaxed yet realistic way. They want to have scenarios where they can appear as heroes to save hostages or even POWs.

Knowing that the normal Paintball programme can be too boring, Happy Sparrow worked with his overseas partners to create a Specialized Military Teambuilding Programme. Cladded in uniforms donning masks and goggles, they will be equipped with “realistic airsoft guns” (e.g. M16, M4s, AK47s, etc.) to solve certain customized missions.

Happy Sparrow can also incorporate a few jungle survival programmes just for his corporate clients to have a taste of what is it like to be a soldier. They will learn survival skills like how to make an emergency compass, or how to set fire with a bag of water too!


Team and Collaborative-based Teambuilding Programme

Skillsets Required

  1. Ability to work in small groups
  2. Sporty
  3. Don’t mind being ‘dirty’ during the programme
  4. Communications
  5. Leadership skills
  6. Survival skills

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