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The Spy, The Mundane & The Clueless

Now you can be a ‘spy’, right in the comfort and safety of your home!

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About The Activity

Have you ever have this funny thought of being a spy? Or being a secret agent like 007? I am sure you do! Cos Happy Sparrow thought of being a secret agent like 007 too! Well, he has to give up that idea because he knows it is gonna be dangerous being a SPY, and Happy Sparrow can’t live without engaging with his clients! After some research, Happy Sparrow managed to develop a very engaging Virtual Programme – “The Spy, The Mundane and The Clueless”! And yes, now you can be a ‘Spy’ right at the comfort of your home!!!

“The Spy, The Mundane and The Clueless” is a very interactive communication based programme for companies with smaller group of employees who want to further engage their staff in the virtual world. The usage of the right choices of words is very important if you want to be a good Spy in this game. End of the day, there will be lots of fun and laughter as employees constantly engage with one another through out!! This is your best chance to be a SPY in Happy Sparrow’s virtual world, who else?


Communication-based Programme, Good for Small Groups (e.g. 10 pax)

Skillsets Required

  1. Able to communicate freely with your colleagues
  2. Able to use the right choice of words
  3. Creative
  4. High Situational Awareness

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