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Durian Teambuilding Adventures

Be an aficionado of this ‘king of the fruit’! If you’re already one, you’ll certainly love this programme.

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About The Activity

As the durian season draws near, there are more reasons than ever to head down to the nearest stalls near you to pile up on this king of fruits. And since companies are doing their yearly teambuilding anyway, why not let them experience the food and educational aspect of eating, choosing and opening up a durian too? =)

When being asked what is the best durians in town, most people will blindly shout “Mao Shan Wang”!!! However, do you know how to choose an authentic Mao Shan Wang durian? What about the other types of durians like red prawns, D13, D124 and even the Kampung Durians. How to differentiate the good from the bad? How do you determine if a Durian is top-notch, or just ‘so-so’ only?


Individual and Team-based Teambuilding Programme

Skillsets Required

  1. Love Durians
  2. Don’t mind eating Durians
  3. Willing to share Durians with Friends
  4. Team activities
  5. Having Fun
  6. Pick up the art of choosing Durians

After choosing all these superb durians, now what? How do you open up a durian properly? How do you handle it so that you will not get hurt in the process too? Well, these are just some of the things you can expect to achieve during the Amazing Sparrow’s Durian Teambuilding Adventures.

At the end of the day, participants not only get their stomach filled with those awesomelicious durians, but they will also walk away with Durian knowledge that they can go out there to impress their friends and loved ones too!

So what are you waiting for? Do give Happy Sparrow a chat to find out more!!!


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