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Yoga Teambuilding

Practice breathing techniques and yoga pose in the comfort of the office. Suitable for all ages!

In-Person Programmes

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About The Activity

Everyone knows what is Yoga, but not everybody is aware of how yoga can be done in the comfort of one’s office too.

Using simple office furniture like chairs and tables, Happy Sparrow has worked with his trusted yoga teachers in Singapore to deliver an Office Yoga Teambonding programme for his clients. Not only are they able to have lots of fun, but they will also be able to learn a new skill where they can use it in their offices too!

The yoga lessons are programmed in the following manner:

  1. Warmup – As it’s important to warm up the general muscles group of the participants since most of them are the first time attempting yoga.
  2. Stretching – Once the muscle groups are warm-up, the yoga teacher will commence stretching the other parts of the muscles group in order to prepare the participants for the chair yoga.
  3. Yoga – The Yoga session is divided into standing and sitting postures where the yoga teacher will teach the participants based on their current ability to do certain postures.
  4. Deep Relaxation Techniques (DRT) – Deep Relaxation Techniques otherwise known as DRT is one of the techniques in yoga that teaches the participants how to relax their tensed up body, using simple methods to make them feel good after the Chair Yoga.
  5. Pranayama – The last technique which the Yoga Teacher will impart to the students is known as Pranayama, otherwise known as Breathing Techniques. Through Pranayama, participants will learn the proper way to breathe! Surprisingly enough, most of us are not breathing properly as we grow up. The yoga teacher will teach you how to once again breathe like a baby through abdominal breathing techniques.

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Let’s do yoga!

These sessions are specially customised and design to address the following: balancing work pressures, building positive energies, and improving productivity.


Individual and Team-based Teambuilding Programme

Skillsets Required

  1. Self-discovery
  2. Balancing work pressures
  3. Building positive energies
  4. Improving productivity
  5. Team activities
  6. Communications
  7. Learning a new skill

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