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Mystery of the German Girl

Will your team discover the truth behind the enigmatic figure in this Adventure Race?
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About The Activity

The Mystery of the German Girl Adventure Race is an extension of the Indiana Jones Teambuilding Programme which is a flagship programme by Happy Sparrow. In this special programme, participants are given lots of challenges for them to complete within a stipulated time at Pulau Ubin where time stands still like Singapore in the 1970s.

Participants will be given a budget to take a bumboat to Ubin and to rent their bicycles at Ubin too. They will also be given some petty cash to buy some stuff from island ‘mama’ shops if they are hungry too.

Participants are given a drawn-to-scale map of the locations in Ubin. They have to use their creativity to match the visual clues to the marked location in the treasure map together with specific instructions that they have to follow. Everyone is important for the success of this mission, they will need to collaborate (collaboration and seeing the big picture) amongst each other to help find the treasures.

Time is finite, change is the only constant. Can they survive it and find out about the Mystery German Girl?

Rationale: This adventure race programme requires a lot of teamwork and creativity in order to solve the challenges in Pulau Ubin. It’s all about perspective!

Participants have to be sensitive to their environment and be inquisitive about the visual clues given in order to solve all the puzzles. Some ‘treasures’ will be hidden in strategically located locations so that participants get to learn more about the uniqueness of Pulau Ubin and even its history. They can use whatever is given to them in their mini survival backpack for some of their missions too.


Collaborative & Strategy-based Teambuilding Programme

Skillsets Required

  1. Ability to read a map (google map)
  2. Ability to work in small groups
  3. Time-sensitive (cos it’s a time-based mission)
  4. Observant
  5. Resourcefulness
  6. Creativity
  7. Resilience

Crazy Challenges – There will be a lot of crazy missions designed in Pulau Ubin for the participants too! Be surprised!

These are just some of the samples of the interesting Challenges that the participants will be expected to complete during the mission too. Expect more!

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