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Uniquely customised team building activities to keep your corporate team culture thriving. In-Person or Online. Let the adventure begin!
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Get Ready For A Teambuilding Adventure Like No Other

This ain’t your average getaway trip, nor your routine corporate teambuilding trip. Guided by our team of intrepid adventure planners, we create the 101% customize adventure trips in Singapore and overseas for families, friends, and corporate teambuilding activities.

Exceptional Corporate Teambuilding Activities Done Right. How We Do The Extra Mile.

With custom made activities in Singapore and overseas as well as a variety of theme you can choose from, we strongly believe these can tighten and raise the bond and culture of your company to a new heights. Through our curated corporate team building activities.

Not convinced? Check out our video or gallery of our diverse clienteles that have participated in our corporate team building event.

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Our Vast Experiences Enriches You

At Happy Sparrow, we are committed to deliver extraordinary team building experiences in Singapore and overseas by connecting your clients or employees with your brand in an engaging way, with our professional facilitator and in house experts.

101% Customizable Adventures

We fully customized your trip based on your personal or corporate team building needs. From campfire to scavenger hunts, tell us the type of experience you like.

Personalized Experience

We love putting simple, complimentary surprises in every trip to give you a personalized experience. Every customer is unique in their own way.

No Rubbish Factory Visits

As much as we are a service provider, our team are avid travellers ourselves. Therefore we totally understand the kind of itineraries which customers dislike.

11 Years Of Local Experience

We have been exploring cities since 2010 to design and deliver exceptional team building programmes. That’s how we get to know the ins and outs like the locals.

Leave the Hassle to Us

We make it easy for you. Just bring yourself and your team. Leave the event arrangement to us, then focus on immersing yourself in the experience.

Singapore’s Jack Sparrow!

Also known as the Bandung Mountain King, Jack “Sparrow” Chen, the founder, is an avid traveller that is renowned for his awesome trips. Check out his profile here!


Discover Experiences Your Team Will Love

Browse a variety of curated experiences and team building activities singapore that support your company goals and milestones.

Keep your remote team connected, engaged and empowered beyond work life. Great for corporate team bonding during this lockdown period.

Foster sportsmanship and camaraderie among your team with our team bonding activities.

A game changer – enjoy the best of both worlds especially for dynamic teams. 

Online / Virtual Team Building Activities

Incredible experiences wherever you are. Great way to improve team cohesion, trust, and collaboration from the safely and comfort of your home.  Get people to work together in a different environment and create memories that last. Select from a range of our virtual team building event. Great time ahead!

Toilet Roll

The latest game initiative by Happy Sparrow, it not only allows the employees of companies to ‘let their hair’…

Indiana Jones

One of our most exciting challenge-based programmes. Be resourceful while waiting with your teammates to complete the mission…

The Squid Game

A popular schoolyard game played by Korean children during the 1970s and 1980s. A triller game you must not miss…

Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle is an American musical reality competition television series, in which celebrities battle each other with lip sync performances.

So You Think You Can Act

Suitable for 14 – 18 pax, this game is exclusively targeted to recognize the talent of ‘home made’ directors, actors etc from our very own office!

Picasso is Alive!!

“Picasso is Alive!!” is a very fun and interactive programme where every team will select their artists and descriptor…

Mysteries Solvers

A popular schoolyard game played by Korean children during the 1970s and 1980s. A triller game you must not miss…

Where’s Ah Huat?

If you like scavenger hunt related programmes, perhaps it’s time for you to up the ante. Why not try looking for “Ah Huat” in a busy virtual street of a particular area in Singapore?

In-Person – Team Building Activities

Great way to strengthen the bond between team members and improve the overall performance of the team. Popular team building games, unique activities, great place, amazing experiences and endless fun wherever you are. Customization available based on the number of participants.

Indiana Jones Adventures

A flagship programme by Happy Sparrow. Participants are given a drawn-to-scale map and clues to find the treasure.

Indiana Jones Heritage Race

In this virtual amazing race, participants will need to match visual clues in order to discover the hidden treasure before the rival teams do!

Mystery of the German Girl

“Home Alone” Virtual Engagement Programme is a fun ‘Scavenger-Like’ programme where every…

Food Hunt Adventures

“Masks On with Love” Virtual Teambuilding Programme is a subsidiary of the top selling “Toilet Roll Passing”…

The Mentalists

One of the most sought-after programmes for participants who like to work on their brains more than their physical aspects.

Row Row Row Your Paper Boat

You and your mates are tasked to build a boat out of cardboard. How will you do it?

Counter-Strike Resurrection – Paint Ball Edition

Relive the action and fun of Counter-Strike again, but safely, and in real life!

Jumanji Teambuilding

This scavenger hunt will test your animal knowledge, teamwork, and creativity!

Hybrid / Blended – Team Building Activities

Enjoy the best of both worlds – most fun and memorable experiences curated with in-person and virtual elements. Many great team bonding activity inside.

Mystery of the German Girl Adventure Race – Hybrid Edition

In this special programme, participants are given lots of challenges for them to complete within a stipulated…

Indiana Jones Heritage Race – Hybrid Edition

In this special programme, participants are given a larger area of play where they must travel to the specific locations…

Food Hunt Adventures – Hybrid Edition

Hybrid Edition brings people closer together as conversing about the food you like is a great way to break down…

Escape Room – Hybrid Adventures

If you think you are good at team work, resourceful and love exciting physical missions, challenges, and you love to interact with your…


What Companies & Individuals Say About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for some of the commonly asked questions we received. Should you have further enquiries, reach out to us directly and our team will assist you.

What types of team building activities do you offer?

At Happy Sparrow, we offer a diverse range of more than 35 team building activities specially tailored to meet the varying needs of different teams. Our offerings range from outdoor adventures to indoor workshops, outdoors, indoors or no doors, you name it! We always ensure there’s something for everyone. You can view the detailed list of activities here. If your team has specific requirements or objectives, please reach out to us directly. Happy Sparrow is always eager to collaborate and design unique experiences that align perfectly with your goals.

Are your team building activities suitable for all ages and physical abilities?

Absolutely! Our team building activities are designed to be inclusive and cater to participants of all ages and physical abilities. From senior as old as 75 years old, to pregnant ladies to even young executives and even young kids too.  We believe in ensuring everyone feels engaged, valued, and part of the experience. Before each event, we take into consideration the demographics of the participants, and any special requirements of the group to select or adapt activities accordingly. If there are specific concerns or needs, we encourage communication in advance, so we can tailor the experience to be enjoyable and accessible for everyone involved.

How long do typical team building sessions last?

The duration of our team building sessions varies based on your objectives and the activities chosen. Generally, sessions can last anywhere from 3 – 4 hours to 6 – 8 hours or more. Some activities are designed to be short and intense to energize a team (we associate this as Teambonding activities), while others are more comprehensive and can take a full day (We classify those activities with a longer duration as Teambuilding activities). We work closely with you to determine the best format and timeframe that will achieve your desired outcomes while ensuring a fulfilling experience for all participants.

How many participants can you accommodate in a single session?

We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate teams of any size, with no upper limit. Whether it’s a small intimate group or a large company gathering, we’ve got you covered. To date, our record stands at facilitating a session for 1,000 participants simultaneously. Regardless of the group size, we ensure a high-quality team building experience that meets the needs and objectives of each team.

Where are the team building activities conducted? Do you have specific venues or can they be done at our location?

Our team building activities can be conducted at a variety of venues, depending on the nature of the activity and your preferences. While we have partnered with specific venues that are well-suited for many of our activities, we are also flexible and can bring a specific experience to a location of your choice, including your office premises or an external venue you’ve booked. Our primary goal is to ensure the chosen location aligns with the objectives of the activity and provides a safe, comfortable, and engaging environment for all participants.

Are there discounts for larger groups or repeat clients?

Certainly! We value our repeat clients and larger groups, and we have a customer loyalty program in place. Discounts and special offers are available for both repeat clients and larger groups to show our appreciation for your continued trust and support. Please feel free to reach out to us for more details on the discounts and incentives we offer for your specific needs.

Do participants need to bring anything special or prepare in any way for the activities?

Participants generally don’t need to bring anything special or engage in extensive preparation for our team building activities. We provide all the necessary materials and instructions to ensure a seamless teambonding/ teambuilding experience. However, we do recommend participants come dressed comfortably and appropriately for the chosen activity, such as wearing athletic clothing for outdoor adventures. It’s also a good idea to bring a positive attitude, a willingness to collaborate, and an open mind to fully engage in the team building experience. Specific requirements, if any, will be communicated in advance for each activity.

How do you ensure safety during physical or outdoor team building activities?

Safety is our top most priority during physical or outdoor team building activities. We take several precautions to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all participants. Our facilitators are trained in first aid and safety protocols, and they conduct thorough safety briefings before each activity. We also provide appropriate safety gear and equipment (for high element activities), and our activities are designed with risk management in mind. Additionally, we monitor weather conditions and have contingency plans in case of adverse weather. We encourage open communication with participants to address any concerns or special requirements, and we prioritize participant well-being at all times to create a safe and memorable team building experience.

Do you offer post-event analysis or feedback to help teams continue their growth and development?

Yes, we believe in the importance of continuous growth and development for teams. After each team building event, we offer post-event analysis and feedback sessions upon request. These sessions provide valuable insights into team dynamics, strengths, and areas for improvement that emerged during the activities. We work closely with teams to help them understand and apply these insights in their day-to-day work.

How do you handle cancellations or rescheduling requests?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise, and we have a clear policy in place for handling cancellations or rescheduling requests. If you need to cancel or reschedule a team building event, please inform us as early as possible. Our policy considers factors like the timing of the request and any prior commitments with venues or facilitators. While cancellation fees may apply, we are committed to working closely with you to find a solution that minimizes any inconvenience.

How far in advance do we need to book a teambuilding session?

We recommend booking your team building session as far in advance as possible to secure your preferred date and venue. Popular dates and venues tend to get booked quickly (especially Fridays!), so booking well in advance helps ensure availability and allows ample time for proper planning and customization of the activities to meet your team’s specific needs and goals. However, we understand that sometimes events come up with shorter notice, and we will do our best to accommodate last-minute requests if our schedule permits. It’s always a good idea to reach out to us at your earliest convenience to discuss your desired date and options.

How do you keep up with the latest trends and developments in team building?

To stay current with the latest trends and developments in team building, we conduct continuous research, engage in professional development, listen to client feedback, and collaborate with industry professionals to ensure our team building activities remain contemporary and effective.

Why cancellation fees or postponement fees apply?

As far as we want to continue to work closely with our clients if unforeseen circumstances arises that require the event to be cancelled/ postponed.  We also seek clients’ understanding that if a venue has a been booked, the cancellation fees/ postponement fees do not go to Happy Sparrow’s pocket.  These fees are the fees that will be made to the venue as a prior contract has already been signed with the venue owner.  

There are so many teambuilding companies out there, why should we sign up with Happy Sparrow?

Happy Sparrow has been in the human engagement industry for more than a decade.  So far, we are still receiving lots of 5 stars reviews for every of our programs being conducted.  Happy Sparrow is also the teambuilding company which had been featured by Primetime News Singapore, not only once, but thrice since the pandemic in 2020 till 30 May 2022.  On 6th Oct 23, Happy Sparrow’s founder Jack ‘Sparrow’ Chen had also been nominated and awarded the Best Personal Brand Award by the Marketing Institute of Singapore.  This is a 5 yearly award given to company that deals with tribe and community building, and who are best at what they do in the industry too!  Go on, give Happy Sparrow a message and check them out! We will not disappoint!

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