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Mysteries Solvers

It’s up to you and your teammates to ask the right questions and connect the dots!

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About The Activity

If you love to read mystery books and love CSI (Crime Scene Investigations) and love the thrill of solving all the ‘mysteries and puzzles’ connected to the stories, then this is the perfect programme for you!

Before the start of the programme, the host will paint you a background of the mystery/crime you are going to solve, and that’s it! The rest is up to you and your teammates to ask the right questions, so that little portions of the puzzles can be unveiled one at a time, so eventually, you will be able to piece up the missing links and connect the dots in order to solve the mysteries!

As it’s a time-based programme, if you and your teammates love this game, you might even be given another mystery to solve after the first one too! Try it! You’ll get hooked!

At the end of every item found, the host will have a leaderboard to note down the points. However, that’s not all. The ability to find those unique stuff is only part one of their mission, as there are other interesting missions that follow after they have found those stuff required by the host. There will be so much fun and laughter that you will feel that you are never alone!!


Communication-based and Group Programme

Skillsets Required

  1. Communication skills
  2. Questioning skills (ability to phrase questions)
  3. Ability to ask questions
  4. Able to work with your teammates to solve a mystery
  5. Time-sensitive ( it’s a time-based mission)
  6. High Situational Awareness

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