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Defuse That Bomb

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About The Activity

If you guys love the character of a ‘Counter – Terrorist’ in “Counterstrike”, you will definitely love this programme! Nope, you will not be given any weapon, however, you will be required to infiltrate into the Area of Operations as Civilians to quietly diffuse that bomb so that no one will be hurt in the process.

“Defuse that Bomb” Virtual Engagement Programme allows participants to form their own unique team to find the codes to the bomb and to defuse it within a stipulated time.

What makes this programme very unique is that the respective teams actually get to ‘navigate’ in real life places like Chinatown of Singapore, of Art Street of Georgetown etc to find the codes to defuse the bomb. As it’s a time based programme, and depending on the size of the participants, they will be put into their respective ‘units’ in the virtual world to strategise and plan their route of movement to find the hidden codes to the bomb.

There will be 3 different levels, ie Basic, Intermediate and Advance mode for the participants to choose from before commencement of the game. It’s a very interactive and exciting game because when time is of essence, they need to move decisively and be very very observant in their surroundings too!

Skillsets Required

  1. Ability to read map (google map)
  2. Ability to use google street view (it will also be taught during the programme)
  3. Able to work in small groups
  4. Time sensitive (cos it’s a time based mission)
  5. Will not freak out under pressure

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