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Teambuilding Activities

Come and see the exciting team activities we have at Happy Sparrow. We’ve created them to help teams bond, get inspired, and reach new levels of success. From games that build trust to puzzles that challenge the mind, we have a wide range of activities to choose from. With every activity you try, you’re helping your team grow stronger and work more effectively together.

Consistently Recognised By The Market For Our Ability To Deliver

With the relaxation of regulations in the recent months, increasing companies are conducting in person team building programmes to forge greater team bonding and engagement among clients and employees. From pandemic to post pandemic, Happy Sparrow is always the preferred team building company featured in the news! Our engagement programmes have been featured by MediaCorp not once, not twice, but THRICE during the very trying times in 2020 and 2021 too!


Latest Insanely Fun Activities

Check out our latest insanely fun team building activities that your team will love! At Happy Sparrow, we continuously experiment and strive to bring new, exhilarating and unforgettable experiences to you.

The Squid Game

A popular schoolyard game played by Korean children during 1970s and 1980s. A highly engaging triller game that you…

Enhanced 007 Adventures

An enhanced version of Indiana Jones Teambuilding Programme is a flagship programme by Happy Sparrow. 

Sing Till You Drop Karaoke Adventures

Exploring various forms can help you to better understand yourself and others!

Browse All Other Popular Activities

At Happy Sparrow, we are committed to deliver extraordinary team building experiences in Singapore and overseas by connecting your clients or employees with your brand in an engaging way.

Indiana Jones Adventures

A flagship programme by Happy Sparrow. Participants are given a drawn-to-scale map and clues to find the treasure.

Indiana Jones Heritage Race

Participants will need to match visual clues in order to discover the hidden treasure before the rival teams do!

Mystery of the German Girl – Adventure Race

Where time stands still like the ’70s. Teamwork and creativity are key to unravelling the mystery.

Food Hunt Adventures

Teams will solve various puzzles, receive clues, and travel around Singapore in a frantic dining race.

Pirates of the Caribbean – In Search of the Black Pearl

After a terrifying storm, the pirates must quickly build a ship to get out of the dire situation!

Pirates of the Caribbean – Lazurus Island

Embarking onto an uncharted destination, participants will take on various missions to win wealth and glory.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

By giving back to society, competitive advantage, brand awareness, and trust with customers and employees can all be strengthened.

Dance That Dance Moves

Dance to signature moves from “Oppa Gangnam Style”, “I Want Nobody But You”, and many many more!

The Mentalists

One of the most sought-after programmes for participants who like to work on their brains more than their physical aspects.

Row Row Row Your Paper Boat

You and your mates are tasked to build a boat out of cardboard. How will you do it?

Counter Strike Resurrection – Paint Ball Edition

Relive the action and fun of Counter-Strike again, but safely, and in real life!

Whacky Bowling

An extraordinary bowling experience where participants have to ‘dance to the music’ and bowling simultaneously.

Kayaking Teambuilding

Improve teamwork and communications through this fun programme, and at the same time, learn the skill sets of a kayaker.

Kite Making Adventures

Get employees to do something out of their office environment and see their creative works soar in the air.

Environmental Awareness Adventures

Spread the awareness of recycling through fun and exciting challenges that make use of recycled materials.

Cliff Hangers Adventures

This programme will showcase that rock climbing can be safe, addictive, and fun at the same time.

K-Pop Teambuilding

A fun and simple programme that allows participants to bust K-pop dance moves like a worldwide sensation…

Legend of the Dragon

A land and water-based teambuilding programme where it uses the mystical creature as the theme.

Leather Craft Making

Make a useful, simple leather product with your own hands that you can bring back home.

Oppa Kampung Style

Experience games from the ’60s such as Eraser Wars, Stamp Cupping, Chapteh, Five Stones, Zero Point, and more!

Jumanji Teambuilding

This scavenger hunt will test your animal knowledge, teamwork, and creativity!

Dinner & Dance (D&D) / Birthday Parties

Highly requested for, Happy Sparrow brings fun to the tables where every guest feels special and have loads of fun!

Arty Farty Teambuilding

As participants attempt to create the best masterpiece, they get to bounce ideas off each other…

Military Style Teambuilding

“Military training” in a less rigid yet realistic way. Jungle survival programmes can also be implemented…

Raft Building Adventures

Use creativity to transform a bunch of tyres, wooden poles, plastic containers to get out of ‘trouble’…

Yoga Teambuilding

Alleviate work pressures, build positive energies, and improve productivity by practising yoga in the comfort of the office.

BBQ Teambuilding

Food and games — what better way to bond and enjoy the rest of the day with your crew!

Self-Defence Teambuilding

Learning how to fend for ourselves is a sure-fire way to boost self-confidence and trust of fellow colleagues!

Durian Teambuilding Adventures

Be an aficionado of this ‘king of the fruit’! And if you’re already one, you’ll certainly love this programme.


Our Happy Clients

Be it a small or large scale event you are looking to conduct, we have the confidence and years of experience to make your engagement programme highly engaging, fun, and successful. 

Enhanced Indiana Jones Engagement and SQUID Games 2022
400 Pax

Pirates of the Caribbean: Land Edition – Black Pearl Resurrection 2019
100+ Pax

Row Row Row Your Paper Boat Adventures 2020
200+ Pax

3D2N Teambuilding cum CSR Engagement Programme 2020
70+ Pax

Amazing Sparrow’s Whacky Bowl 2019

Team Building Event CPDD Day 2018
600+ Pax 

Hawaiian D&D Night with Lou Hei and Teambuilding Games 2019
70+ Pax

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