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Picasso is Alive!!

Do your best to describe, draw, or guess the drawing and watch the other team stumble to do the same! Special powers may apply.

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About The Activity

Having communications issues within your company? Want to solve it in a fun way so that the employees have fun and indirectly learn the importance of great communication? Not able to do it offline as your employees are still working from home due to COVID-19? No worries! Happy Sparrow have just the programme you are looking for! All of it can be done at the convenience of doing it at your lovely home.

“Picasso is Alive!!” is a very interactive programme where every team will select their unique artists and Descriptor. The aim of the Artists is to Draw. The Role of the Descriptor is to tell the Artists how to draw. However, the catch is, the Descriptor can only tell the artists to draw shapes, lines and colour only. Every team will be given 5 different objects.

To make it interesting, there will be certain “Special Powers” given to the Artists by the Host. Sometimes they cannot check back with the Descriptor. (They are just supposed to follow the descriptor only). Sometimes they will be given the power of Colours, at times they will only be given a ‘black marker’ only, etc.

For example, in a team of 5 pax, there will be One Descriptor, 3x Artists, and the remaining participant(s) will be the ‘Guessers’. If the object given to the Descriptor by the Host is a bicycle, the Descriptor can only describe in shapes. Any adjectives like “draw a handle” will not be allowed, and will be given a Yellow Card. This will carry on until the Guessers are able to guess what objects are within the stipulated time.

This is a very fun game because as one team is attempting, the other team will be observing how this game is being played and they will have a good laugh.  End of the day, we will showcase the masterpiece from every team and ask people to vote which drawing is the best drawing.


Communication and creative-based programme

Skillsets Required

  1. Able to speak freely with your colleagues
  2. Able to draw using a whiteboard
  3. Creativity
  4. Time-sensitivity

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