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Let us know the duration and preferred destination for your overseas teambuilding retreat, as well as your learning outcomes. Be it adventure and adrenaline rush, leadership or other goal settings, we will customise for you. Let the adventure begins!
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  Fun & Relaxing 



Overseas Team Building Retreat, 101% Customisable To Any Destination Of Your Choice

With many years of doing teambuilding programmes overseas, Happy Sparrow has found the perfect formula to customise and redesign teambuilding programmes for his clients locally. Being both outdoor and indoor adventures trained, and having an in depth understanding of outdoor education philosophies, Happy Sparrow is able to integrate his wealth of experiences and knowledge to create that once-in-lifetime teambuilding programmes for your company which you have not experienced before!

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Our Vast Experiences Enriches You

At Happy Sparrow, we are committed to deliver extraordinary team building experiences in Singapore and overseas by connecting your clients or employees with your brand in an engaging way.

101% Customisable Adventures

We fully customized your trip based on your personal or corporate team building needs. From campfire to scavenger hunts, tell us the type of experience you like.

Personalized Experience

We love putting simple, complimentary surprises in every trip to give you a personalized experience. Every customer is unique in their own way.

No Rubbish Factory Visits

As much as we are a service provider, our team are avid travellers ourselves. Therefore we totally understand the kind of itineraries which customers dislike.

11 Years Of Local Experience

We have been exploring cities since 2010 to design and deliver exceptional team building programmes. That’s how we get to know the ins and outs like the locals.

Leave the Hassle to Us

We make it easy for you. Just bring yourself and your team. Leave the event arrangement to us, then focus on immersing yourself in the experience.

Singapore’s Jack Sparrow!

Also known as the Bandung Mountain King, Jack “Sparrow” Chen, the founder, is an avid traveller that is renowned for his awesome trips. Check out his profile here!


Key Learning Outcomes 

Values we embrace and conduct that support your company goals and milestones.

Effective communication is less about talking and more about listening.

Develop creative and effective communication in resolving disagreements.

Foster sportsmanship and camaraderie among your team with unlimited fun.

Master the art of delegation to complete as a team in the most efficient way possible.

Rise up to leadership when guiding your people in a smooth and efficient way.

Build a culture of collective intelligence in resolving identified difficulties.


How It Works

Furnish Us With Details

Fill up the form above or drop us a call to get started. Share us the specifics for your corporate retreat, and let us propose a customized trip for you.

Proposal and Meet Up

We will prepare a customized corporate trip in accordance to your needs, and do a meetup to propose our plans to you and your management.

Approval and Payment

Should you find our customised itinerary and budget favourable, we will proceed with the payment and administration process.

Fly to Your Destination

Let us handle the rest. Simply fly yourself over, and enjoy your trip in Bandung. Stay tune for a complimentary surprise by our adventure planner!


Top Destinations We Travel To 

Seeking for a unique and memorable teambuildng experience overseas in a neighbouring country near Singapore? Check out some of the popular destinations below. If your desired destination is not listed below, fret not, reach out to us to speak about it. Our teambuilding programmes are 101% customisable to your organisation needs!



Phuket is famous for a number of things like exotic beaches, vibrant nightlife, colorful night markets, delicious seafood, white marble Big Buddha and of course scuba diving. If you are looking for a place to go to, you should definitely check Phuket out.



Enjoy stunning spots, delicious food, cool music and rich history by visiting Melaka from Singapore by bus – the safest and the most comfortable mode to get there.  If you want a weekend getaway with your colleagues and have a ‘recharge’,  Melaka is a perfect destination for you!



Other than visiting the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Penang is probably the most popular place to visit. Besides dramatic landscapes and beautiful beaches, Penang has beautiful colonial architectures and some of the most mouth-watering food on the planet.



One of the reasons that people come to Batam is for rest and relaxation and as a result there are a wealth of spas here where you can soak up the atmosphere and enjoy a range of soothing treatments. It may not be the best island vacation, but it is so worth to visit just over the weekend, with only 45 minutes of the ferry from Singapore to Batam Center. Especially so when you want a short and quick getaway over the weekends!



Beyond stunning beaches and magical temples, Bali has every kind of natural beauty. Glorious mountainous areas with lush greenery, scenic lakes, gorgeous waterfalls, iconic rice fields, flower gardens, gushing sacred rivers and secret canyons all make up the island’s landscape. Also known as the Land of the Gods, Bali appeals through its sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes and lush terraced rice fields that exude peace and serenity. It is also famous for surfers’ paradise!


Bandung (West Java)

Known as ‘The Paris of Java’, Bandung is a favourite hot spot for tourists to shop, enjoy its nature and fabulous food. With its popularity, many hotels have sprouted offering business facilities to luxurious service (or budget rooms), and eateries galore serving yummy local dishes to old-style Dutch cuisine. The adjacent cool town of Lembang and other scenic areas now also offer a wide variety of attractions and entertainment for the whole family, a haven for Instagrammers.



Bintan is a popular destination that’s less than an hour ferry ride from Singapore. The island’s pristine, white sand beaches are the main draw, along with quaint seaside villages and impressive choices of hotels and resorts offering watersport activities. Those who seek water adventures or fancy relaxing sunbathe on the sand, Bintan is the place to go. Once you arrive at this exotic island, you will be surrounded by stunning white-sand beaches.


Ciwedy (West Java)

Ciwidey, an area in the Bandung Regency (the district surrounding the City of Bandung), is known for its cool climate, strawberry orchards, and panoramic countryside cut by the Ciwidey river. Ciwidey is best known for its crater named the “Kawah Putih” or White Crater” with its white sand spread out like snow and clear aqua colored lake. The crater lake sits on Mt. Patuha at an elevation of 2,386 meters above sea level.



Jakarta is a city that is famous for its malls but the biggest of these is Taman Anggrek Mall in the west of the city. As well as retail outlets you will also find cafes and eateries all over the mall and it is well worth a trip to see some of Jakarta’s famous mall culture firsthand.  As there are many flights that connect Singapore to Jakarta, it makes it one a great travel destinations for a short getaway!

Other destinations include Vietnam, Cambodia and many more!


Unlimited Fun With Unique Team Building Experiences Abroad

Your team deserves a well rested retreat. Let us create an unforgettable trip for them! With over 11 years of corporate experience in team building and corporate travels, we have served many corporate clients such as Montessori, Pfizer, Whizland, Yogaseeds and more. Some activity types we are able to customise for your team include:

  • Popular Teambuilding programmes such as Indiana Jones, Amazing Race, Mysteries Solvers
  • Active volcano visit
  • Relaxing hotspring experience
  • Tea Planation hiking
  • Battlefield paintball
  • Cultural home with Tea Planation Villagers
  • Food galore
  • Invigorating massage and spa
  • Photography adventures
  • Yoga and meditation retreat
  • Fitness adventures 
  • and many more!

Highlights From Past Corporate Retreats


What Companies & Individuals Say About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for some of the commonly asked questions we received. Should you have further enquiries, reach out to us directly and our team will assist you.

Do you arrange for flights and accommodations for overseas team building retreats?

We are pleased to inform you that we have partnered with a licensed and professional travel & tours partner who will be helping with the flight and accommodation arrangements for overseas corporate retreats.

Can you cater to different dietary restrictions?

Yes, of course. We’ll want every participant to feel welcome and have their dietary needs catered to. In the planning stages we seek the assistance of your company or organisation to inform us what kind of foods your participants prefer or are restricted to and we will cater to them accordingly. Be it Halal, vegetarian or certain allergies that some of your participants may have, we can accommodate!

For outdoor activities involving different locations, do you provide transportation arrangements as well?

Yes, depending on the program planned and the number of venues that we will have to go to, transport arrangements will be made, and the cost factor detailed and presented to you for your approval.

Can we do team building activity on a budget of $X,XXX or below?

We have done team building for various budget sizes. Depending on the budget that you have, we can do events that are more cost effective and use appropriate venues that are suitable but within budget. Contact us to discuss further.

Our participants are mostly senior executives in the company of age 40 and above, can you accommodate suitable team building activities for us?

Yes, age need not stop someone from having fun in a team bonding activity. In fact, the seniority of the participants can make it even more fun! Our team is creative in conceptualising, organising and executing activities that can cater to almost any age group.

We have staff, members or students who are persons with disabilities (PWD) / wheelchair bound / on the autism spectrum. Can we cater some activities for them as well?

Depending on their specific conditions and the needs that have to be catered, we may be able to work something out. Contact us to discuss further.

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