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Enhanced 007 Engagement Adventures

An enhanced version of Indiana Jones Teambuilding Programme is a flagship programme by Happy Sparrow. Many challenges and missions to be expected!

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About The Activity – NEW!

The Enhanced 007 Engagement Adventures is a subset and an enhanced version of Indiana Jones Teambuilding Programme is a flagship programme by Happy Sparrow. In this special programme, participants are given drawn to scale map of the location in play. In the map, there will be many missions and challenges indicated.

To make it more ‘secretive’, the briefing is done by CHIEF to the participants via ZOOM. But please don’t get us wrong, this is a 100% In person programme! The CHIEF is just like ‘M’ in the James Bond Movies, giving the field agents specific instructions what they need to do!

Pic 2_Briefing by ‘M’

This 007 Engagement Programme programme is designed in a very “James Bond-Like” way where the Field agents are participants on the ground who are tasked on dealing with the challenges designed for them to build their teamwork, communication and camaraderie too! And the best part is , there are ‘SPIES’ on the ground for the agents to catch too!

The participants are also given specific clues in a specially created file. As everyone is important for the success of this mission, they will need to collaborate (Collaboration and seeing the big picture) amongst each other to help fulfill the specific tasks/ challenges. Since this is not a very physical programme, it is definitely safe for the slightly older participants and even pregnant ladies too!

This unique programme is particularly designed based on the two Core Competencies which are i) Effective Problem Solving and ii) to Develop People/Leadership. The challenges are also designed for the leaders in management positions to expose them the world possibilities in a Hybrid world! The missions are specially designed to explore the different leadership styles amongst the participating teams too!

More importantly, the challenges are designed to meet the following criteria:

  • Keeping Commitments (Keeping commitments to do what the team has set out to achieve before the game)
  • Accountability (to be accountable for everyone in the team)
  • Developing Capabilities (During the gameplay, participants will learn new skills and develop new capabilities along the way too)
  • Caring for People (Different challenges have different difficulties level which allow the team mates to constantly showing care for their members doing them)
  • Open Communication (Only through open communications that the team will be able to fulfill the most number of challenges in the shortest possible time!)
  • Being objective (One have to be objective during the game to unlock the hidden potential of every individual during the course of the game!)

Note: This programme is specially designed to have the challenges surround the VENUE OF CHOICE and its vicinity. The main reason is to allow some of the new hires to learn more about the uniqueness of the building through very fun and engaging games with their colleagues, as part of their learning journey as well.

Rationale: This programme requires a lot of teamwork, communication, collaboration and creativity in order to solve the special missions. It’s all about perspective. Participants have to be sensitive to their environment and be inquisitive on the visual clues given in order to solve all the puzzles. The ‘challenges’ will be located at strategic located locations so that participants get to learn more about the uniqueness of the Venue of choice they have chosen too!

Of course, there are more than 20 challenges for the participants to complete too! As different mission have different points, the participants have to strategise and pit their skills against the other teams.

During the end of the mission, at the SPECIFIC End Point and Time, the CHIEF will mysterious appear together with his SPIES and MYSTERY Men too! Participants will have a a live Mission Debrief by ‘M’! and announcement of the winning team too! Try it! You will love this!

Video Testimonial Of Our 007 Teambuilding Adventures


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