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Pirates of the Caribbean –

Lazurus Island

Hoist your company’s yacht parties and networking to a brand new level by embarking on an uncharted destination!

In-Person Programmes

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About The Activity

Yacht parties have become very popular in recent years. However, many of those who had gone onto a yacht before find it rather boring as they have nothing to do in the nearby islands.

For a sea sports lover like Happy Sparrow, he is more than happy to incorporate some of his team building games during the yacht events in order to bring yacht parties and yacht networking to a whole new level!

If you think you are resourceful and love exciting missions and challenges, then the Pirates of the Caribbean Teambuilding Programme is for you!! The Pirates of the Caribbean Engagement Programme is a derivation of Happy Sparrow’s very own “Indiana Jones Virtual Engagement Programme”, which is one of the most sellable and popular engagement programmes.

It is mission and challenges based. Participants are required to be resourceful while embarking onto an “unknown destination” – Lazurus Island with their teammates to complete the mission. In addition, you have to be very time-sensitive too! Different strategies are required in order to achieve mission success.

There will be lots of fun and laughter along the way as the missions designed, often than not, make you and your colleagues laugh while attempting them in Lazurus Island too. This interactive programme promotes lots of friendly competition and collaboration for the company employees and employers as a whole! Try it! You will love it!!

In this special programme, participants are given a drawn-to-scale map of the location in play. On the map, there will be many missions and challenges indicated. The participants are also given visual clues. What the participants have to do is to use their creativity to match the visual clues to the marked location in the treasure map together with specific instructions and missions that they have to fulfil.

Everyone is important for the success of this mission; they will need to collaborate (Collaboration and seeing the big picture) amongst each other to help find the treasures. Since this is not a very physical programme, it is definitely safe for the slightly older participants. Communication and being open (Building the foundation of right communication and open to changes) is the key to success for this Treasure Hunt Teambuilding Programme.

Participants only have a certain time to complete the mission. They will have to stay positive (Positive mindset when facing challenges) in midst of all the challenging clues. Through this customised treasure hunt, it’s also a perfect time for managers to earmark potential leaders or supervisors which they may not see in the workplace.

Rationale: This programme requires a lot of teamwork, communication, collaboration and creativity in order to solve the special missions. It’s all about perspective. Participants have to be sensitive to their environment and be inquisitive about the visual clues given in order to solve all the puzzles.

All play and no food, make Happy Sparrow’s participants grumpy! How can we forget about those “marvellicious” food made by Happy Sparrow’s onboard “chef” while the participants are having the best fun of their lives! By the time they return to the yacht, it’s Chow Time!

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