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7 Ways to Make Employees Happier

One of the reason employees leave their jobs is when they find it difficult to understand the role they play in the company. Sometimes, the manager can get too demanding that they are quick to point out mistakes but forget to recognize their staff’s hard work.

Considering how important they are for your company’s sustainability, this isn’t the type of environment you want to create. Thus, one of your most important responsibilities is making your team members feel truly valued.

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How can you transform unproductive employees into happy professionals and keep the ball rolling? While gifts and treats can be effective, there are other ways to show your appreciation. Here are 7 ways you can do so:


1. Eliminate Communication Barriers

One of the things that hinder companies from moving forward is communication barriers. They may take the form of superfluous reporting structure to internet connectivity problem. Make sure you identify key barriers within your company communication flow and find a solution right away.


2. Get Your Employee Involved

You may be the decision maker, but your employees are the one doing the legwork. Don’t hesitate to ask your employees for their advice or opinion. You might be surprised with the fresh perspective and creative ideas you can get from your employees. And if you trust them enough, you can let them make decisions that matter and can impact the company.


3. Create A Productive Environment

Working in crowded and cluttered spaces can be very uncomfortable, so make sure you have enough room for your employee to move around. To create a more relaxed atmosphere, add some plants and decorations. In line with the above point, you can get your employees to decide what to put in the office.


4. Set A Good Example

A good leader is one who sets clear expectations for his employees. They define exactly what is to be done, when it is to be done by, and where it goes after they complete their responsibilities. When mistakes are made, they also take responsibility for it. This is because a good leader is able to recognize that the members were only following his/her orders.


5. Provide A Challenge

When you only give out repetitive tasks, your employees may feel that you don’t really need their specific, individual talents. Therefore, it is important to consistently find new ways to challenge your employees—whether that means developing new projects specifically for their talents or just being more aware of what each person does best and assigning tasks accordingly.


6. Host team building events

Companies in Singapore already know that team building works. Employees want to feel part of the team and believe strongly in the company. If we can create a positive, fun and flexible team experience, most employees will appreciate the independence of knowing they are trusted to get the job done and feel that they are truly in this together.


7. Remember to Say ‘Thank You’

Always thank your employees, regardless of how big or small their contributions are. A simple but genuine gesture like a pat on the back with a smile would make anyone feel wanted. And don’t just give a generic ‘great job’, be more specific with your compliment — ‘I can see that you put a lot of effort into that presentation. Well done!’

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