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Sparrow’s Kayaking Teambuilding Programme

About Happy Sparrow’s Kayaking Teambuilding

Singapore is a small country surrounded by water. Imagine how exciting it would be if you and your company of friends are well-equipped to explore Singapore in another mode of transport—Kayak! Chief Planner of Happy Sparrow is a certified Level 1 kayaking coach, and he will be there to ensure continuous fun and safety of all his participants from the start until the end of the programme!

Get The Knowledge & Certification as a 1-Star Kayaker

Not only participants will be able to improve their teamwork and communication skills through this fun programme, they will also learn the essential skill set of a kayaker. At the end of the two-day programme, all participants will be well versed with the knowledge of identifying the parts of a kayak. They will also learn the proper techniques to handle kayaks and the ability to maneuver the canoe in the water.

More importantly, they will also receive a certification from the Singapore Canoe Federation to certify their qualification as a 1-Star Kayaker too! Note that you will find it really difficult to fail a 1 Star course under the supervision of Happy Sparrow (unless you are afraid of water!)

To be able to achieve the company’s teambuilding objectives and be certified as a 1 Star Kayaker—Wow! So much for killing two birds with one stone with Happy Sparrow, the expert in team building Singapore!

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