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Teambuilding Over BBQ

When we mention doing BBQ/barbecue, everybody knows what we are talking about. And we are sure most of us have experienced it one way or another. When we talk about doing BBQ Teambuilding, however, you might be perplexed and wondering what do we mean by that.

For the longest time, people have been attracted to the sparkling golden hues of the fire and the crackling sound. They have a magical way of bringing people together, inviting them to laugh, sing, and share stories from their personal life. Isn’t it a most wonderful bonding experience?


Team Bonding over BBQ

Well, BBQ Teambuilding is one of the creation of Jack from Happy Sparrow. A true food lover, he loves all kind of foods — barbecue included. While having one, an idea sparked: helping companies build their team through a unique BBQ Teambuilding Programme in Singapore.

The program is a fantastic way for groups to challenge their culinary skills, work together as a team, and have a load of FUN. Let’s face it – everyone either loves to cook or eat, especially if it’s something they are involved in! And get involved, they will, in challenging games that work up an appetite before they end the day with a satisfying feast and a smile on their faces.

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