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The 7 Keys To Team Effectiveness (Part 2)

5th Key: Try First To Comprehend, Then To Be Understood

This key essentially means that prior to a person being able to actually offer advice or solutions to others, they need to first completely understand the other individual and their mindset by practising empathetic listening.

In everyone’s day-to-day interaction with others, they tend to specify actions to be taken prior to them truly identifying the root of the issue. Thus, they ought to seek to completely and deeply comprehend the problem first by listening.

To practice empathetic listening, there is going to first need to be a paradigm shift since people generally seek to be understood however are many a times listened to with the intention of replying rather than understanding.

Practicing empathetic listening could ameliorate communications between varying parties and also, help in attaining win-win solutions.

6th Key: Synergize (The key to creative cooperation)

By considering the views of others, the team is going to be able to synergize, which causes discovery of new opportunities from open mindedness and the adventure of finding new solutions to old issues.

The saying goes “two is better than one” and likewise synergy permits the team to come up with more optimal plans and alternatives due to the different shared ideas.

By applying the primary 5 keys, the team is going to be able to synergize, look, comprehend and solve issues together from the same side.

In brief, synergizing is taking into consideration the differences like the mental, emotional and psychological aspects between individuals.

7th Key: Put it All Together And Improve them

Finally, sharpening the saw is basically making time to reinstate oneself physically, mentally and spiritually. This is going to aid the team to continuously practise all the other 6 keys together and ameliorate the most vital asset, which is each person.

This is a crucial key since it empowers the team to keep growing and adapting to make themselves a better and more effective team.

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