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12 Things You Need To Answer Regarding Team Building (Part 1)

The perfect team does not exist. However, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could aid your team on their path? There are a lot of kinds of team building interventions and like a carpenter, you must choose the right tool for the job. But, before you start building “the perfect team,” you might want to ask yourself a series of questions. Hereunder are the first questions that a corporate team building organization should ask all of their clients before they embark on their journey.

1. How would you score your team building objectives on a sequence of fun vs. developmental?

Team building could mean many things to different individuals. For certain people, team building means fun, interactive activities. For others, team building means a process in which individuals address the problems that are preventing a positive and productive work environment. Fun team building events create friendship and boost courage. Developmental team building processes permit the team to come out with the synergy, concentration, cohesiveness and bottom-line effectiveness. You need to find out your expectations for the session in order for the session to meet your goals.

2. Do you want a process or an event?

Events could be either created for a bonding/get-to-know-you regiments or they could touch relevant issues. Processes are aimed at long-term team building, which aid to strengthen the knowledge learned by participants. Processes accept that team building is an adventure, not a destination. Events are typically a one-day session or shorter, while a process takes place over a few months, with numerous sessions spread out throughout that time frame.

3. What do you anticipate from a thorough team-building program or process?

Before any team building intervention, you must have a crystal clear comprehension of your expectations. You may desire to take into consideration those behaviours that you believe the group ought to Stop, Start and Continue. The program makeup and activities that are chosen can aid to address these key behaviours, fortifying strengths and highlighting key areas for development.

4. Do you want an “off-the-shelf” or customized program?

Off the shelf programs are cheaper since you are not going to be paying for the design of a new program. A program customized for your team’s requirements is geared towards their particular goals and objectives not standard ones. However, an experienced corporate team building provider is going to be able to customize a program for you without your incurring sizable design expenses.

5. Do you think the problems facing your team are skill-based or dynamic-based?

Individuals must have certain skills to be an effective team member. Communication skills, the power to build trust, the interpersonal know-how to set up strong relationships with others, and conflict management capabilities are important team skills. Everybody’s abilities differ based on their experiences and behavioural style.

At times, the team problems are due to skill deficiencies. Other times, team members may possess these skills, however the team still has issues with regards to morale, low trust among members, personality clashes or regular communication breakdowns. You must find out if the team lacks skills or the team has made an environment in which they do not work together well. This is going to drive the kind of team building needed for the team.

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