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Corporate Teambuilding Adventures

The 7 Keys To Team Effectiveness (Part 1)

Best Selling author Stephen R. Covey inside his #1 best selling book, he mentions a framework for effectiveness for a single person. However, this could be applied to a team as well, since a team is consists of many people. So what are the 7 keys that Stephen Covey has presented?

1st Key:  Be Proactive

Being proactive is regarding taking responsibility for our lives. Every person is accountable for their own lives and are given the means to make their own choices and decisions.

There are 2 types of individuals – reactive individuals and proactive ones.  Reactive individuals tend to possess an inactive and passive attitude while proactive ones tend to comprehend that they have the ability to choose how they are going to respond in a situation.

To put it in a simple manner, team members need to be proactive so as to achieve effectiveness. To be proactive, team members need to concentrate and work with one another to improve the things that can be altered or about which something can be done. Certain corporate team building companies specialize in finding the reactive and proactive individuals in your team and work on them to alter and thereby increase the productivity.

2nd Key: Start With The End In Mind

Starting with the end in mind is basically beginning everything the team does with a crystal clear end goal. In this manner, it is going to make sure that the team is marching towards success.

In an organisation, corporate team building is very crucial since the team leader has to bring in his/her whole team, to set the proper strategic vision for the team and to ensure that the team works towards that vision.

3rd Key: Put First Things First

To be effective, the team has to first be capable of prioritizing every action based on significance rather than urgency.

All activities may be classified into 4 parts:

  1. Vital and urgent
  2. Vital but not urgent
  3. Not vital but urgent
  4. Not vital and not urgent.Typically, people would react to urgent and non-crucial things but the real concentration should be laid on what is vital but not urgent, for instance planning, relationship and corporate team building, etc. Concentrating on these things indicate that the team is working on the fundamental issue and preventing issues arising from the beginning.

 4th Key: Think Win-Win

Thinking win-win is basically devoting oneself to establish win-win situations that is going to be advantageous for and satisfy both parties. This is due to the fact that with win-lose or lose-win options, just a single party appears to get what they wish at that time but is going to have a negative impact on the relationship between the parties in future.

To be able to think win-win, the team has to always focus on the outcomes rather than the methods utilized and on the issues rather than the people.

In an organisation, the team leader has to make sure that the reward system is aligned with the organisation’s objectives and values that employ systems encouraging win-win.

Team building can aid individuals in understanding the objective of organization and also how to play their part in aiding the organization in achieving it.

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