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Relaxing Team Bonding Activities

A full time job can is a necessity for most people and it can sometimes be stressful. As an employer you will want to provide the best environment for your employees so that they are able to continuously perform at the work place. So giving your employees some time off is good thing, especially when they are away together. This will definitely improve the productivity for the long term if they spent some team bonding time relaxing and unwinding together. Overtime stress can accumulate for everyone in the workplace, sometimes without us knowing. So relaxing team building activities can be beneficial for both the employer and the employee.

Wine Tasting

Although a simple gathering, wine tasting can be a great team bonding session. It is great to appreciate something so simple and be able to unwind and relax together with your colleagues. This activity will not take long either and can also be a place where you network with your clients at the same time while showcasing the people that work together. It may not specifically be wine tasting as there are many different types of great tasting beverages which you are able to experiment with to see the majority. This can also be a frequent session as most adults will enjoy a great beverage.

Massage and Spa

This activity is not necessarily for women as men can enjoy it just as much. You may bring the therapist over to the office for a day to allow your employees to get a quick and simple massage and get back to work. Work place massages is able to break up an intense working day so that your employees are able to be clear headed and rejuvenated for work next. Another great way is for the team to go away for a day spa where they are able to bond and relax together while enjoying each others company. During the getaway team bonding session is where your employees can appreciate what you have done and make them feel valuable.


Yoga is one of the more relaxing method for maintaining your health. It is a pleasant activity where most people are able to enjoy it. This can be introduced to any company on a frequent basis based on whether your employees can enjoy it or not. Having yoga as a team bonding session is great as it helps keep your employees in shape without much physical demand. Yoga can help in improving your posture when you are sitting on a chair all day and also declutter the mind when under a lot of stress. As you working on your yoga, you are able to release a little bit of tension and with this increase productivity at the same time. Facilitators will usually handle all the planning and preparations for this session, so your employees will only need to show up with an open mind.


Being outside with nature is always considered a relaxing activity. It is a great way for the team to get out of an intense working week to have a team bonding session over the weekend together.  Hiking can help in lowering stress levels, improve your overall mood, and enhance the mental well being. This will translate well into the workplace when everyone is in a positive and improved mindset.

Overall, there are still plenty of activities to do together as a team which can be both calming and relaxing. The reason to have some relaxing activities once in a while is mainly to clear the mind. Because work can often be very demanding mentally and physically. So if you are looking for activities which does not require much effort, then these could be a few activities to enjoy.

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