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Team Building – What You Shouldn’t Do

There is no denying to the fact that an effective and strong team delivers result to your organisation, be it meeting corporate objective or achieving a milestone that the management has set. For this reason alone, getting everyone on the team to work towards a common goal or direction is rewarding, certainly a win-win situation for everyone involved. A cohesive, strong bonded team always bring increased efficiency, ability to focus and providing mutual support for everyone involved in the team.

One of the most common way to achieve these benefits is through team building activities with everyone on the team. However, as an organiser, you will be quick to realise that everyone is different and not all can form teams. This can potentially prevent the benefits we’ve outlined above. Some companies engaged professional team building company in Singapore to help them plan and organise team building activities. However, if your budget doesn’t permit or you prefer to DIY yourself, here’s a quick checklist to look out for:

1. Learn that Everyone is Different

The quick fact to realise before organising a team building activity is that everyone is different. In a healthy team composition, you will find out that everyone in the team has different role, weakness and strength. For a start, you should organise an activity that will take advantage of multiple skillsets so the team can learn to work together. It’s through these experience of doing things together that members of the team discover each other.

As an effective organiser, you should be quick to design specific roles to take advantage of the member’s strength. Split the team into two, put a balanced team and make sure everyone has fun. Many companies took team building activities too far away from the real objective of these activities – which is to have fun and get to know each other more.

2. Competition Kills

The key factor we should avoid is to focus too much on competition between teams. It’s counter productive and does not serve the purpose of team building objective. Some little competition is okay but focusing too much on winning may jeopardise your team building objective. People may start to get annoyed and leave the event earlier than expected.

As an organiser, you should try to come up with activities that rewards everyone, rather than focusing on selected few rising stars. An effective team is better at work than rising stars. Make sure to come up with rewards for everyone so they can go home with the positive energy and contribute to a better workplace tomorrow.

3. No Goals or Objective

A team building activity with no goals or objective is destined to fail. As an organiser it is important to know about your goals so can plan for the activities that meet these goals. Hence before the start of a team building event, as an organiser, it is important to communicate to your team members on what you are trying to achieve and seek for everyone’s co-operation to ensure the success of the team building event.

4. Scolding in Open

There is bound to be some mistakes made by everyone during the event. Since this is a company event, as an organiser, you are responsible to enforce discipline on responsible parties when situation warrants it. However, scolding a particular member in the open often do more harm than good, especially in the presence of everyone. This can prevent a successful team building event. If you need to discipline someone, ask to meet the person privately and discuss it professionally with the party involved.

5. Have Fun!

The key to everything team building related is to have fun! Seriously, how hard can this be? An employee need to feel that they are not at their work and their superiors are actually their friends. It’s the day for everyone to unwind their status quo and be free to mingle around, getting to know each other better.

In conclusion, a successful team building activities can bring a lot of benefits to your company as these activities often improve your team cohesive, making everyone feel they are a part of the team. If you are unsure or it’s the first time organising your team building activities, consider getting professional help with team building company in Singapore.


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