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3 Basic Factors for Planning Corporate Retreat in Your Company

There are many ways to organise a successful corporate retreat. The beauty of corporate retreat is that it doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated and exquisite. You can even plan one on your own but before doing so you need to understand the 3 basic idea of planning – Objective, Budget and Venue. Without a clear understanding on the three factors, your corporate retreat may not be effective. We don’t want that to happen.

Most companies in Singapore chooses to do corporate retreat at their own offices. It can be in the form of a simple lunch, hotpot or even games. We understand the reasoning behind this but it may not be effective as what you’ve thought. People in your company may be distracted in the form of work. Support staff will excuse themselves. Sales team will go out instead as time is money to them. You may not achieve the participation rate you wanted and it can cause ineffective result.

Hence, it is better to understand the 3 factors below before planning for one. As always, if you need professional help in identifying and planning for corporate retreat, it is better to engage a professional company to help you with that.

Corporate Retreat Purpose, Aim (Objective)

As a company, you need to understand the reasoning behind for organising one. Not all corporate retreat activities are suitable for all objectives. A corporate event aimed towards improving team morale will not work well with activities that promotes idea brainstorming. Ideally, company should also includes people from different departments in corporate retreat to improve team composition and morale.

Financial Budget

The next thing company should look into is financial capability to organise the scale of corporate event. Like any type of events, budget helps to control and alleviate potential problems in planning for one. It helps to decide the place, activities and sort of food to serve during the retreat session.

Companies organising corporate retreat are always advised to practice due diligence and only spend what is comfortable. We don’t want such retreat to impair company’s financial result as a whole.


Remember we spoke about organising a corporate retreat in office building earlier? While it is up to the discretion of the company to decide on this, we advise against it. There are much better places to organise and the last thing is you want employees to demoralised due to the venue.

You can set up in venues like hotels, airbnb house and even fun places like theme parks. It does not cost a lot.

Sometimes planning for corporate retreat can be a little overwhelming. If you prefer to keep it as a surprise for everyone, yourself included, perhaps it’s better to engage a professional corporate retreat planner instead.


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