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Virtual Teambuilding Online Party

Ever since the dreadful COVID-19 virus had taken over the world, all of us had been somehow or other being placed in a ‘lock-down’ mode.  That’s to say, no more parties, no more concerts, and no more events for all of us, as we could only work and do our social events within the comfort of our homes.  This new norm is ‘killing’ us softly and ‘robbing’ of our chance to interact and all the fun we used have before COVID-19.

As everyone is feeling down and upset about the things they can’t do, why not look at the possibilities of doing the things they can!

Since every household is equipped with an internet connection and a laptop, actually all of them could be connected together virtually!  And yes, companies can still conduct their year Dinner and Dance, or Anniversary parties or even a customized party too! Yes, you heard us! You can still enjoy your company event online too!

Doing a Party Online has its own benefits too!

  1. It reduces the need to travel. All you need is a link to be connected virtually.
  2. You are able to connect with your overseas counterpart.
  3. You can cut costs on Venue rental
  4. You can cut costs on food and beverages too!
  5. You can enjoy the entire program virtually in the comfort of your home! (Even your kids and family members can be involved too!)
  6. You get to see all your colleagues at a glance.

Frankly speaking, the benefits are just too many to be listed!  The key to the successful implementation of a Virtual Teambuilding – Online Party, is just a mindset change!  As long as all of us are able to embrace the new norms and be bold enough to try out new stuff, there are corporate team building companies out there who are able to customize your ideal Online Party anytime.  Give it a go!!

By Jack Sparrow

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