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Communication Based Virtual Teambuilding Programme

Before COVID-19 became a world-wide pandemic, most of us might take a two way communications for granted.  Why do we say so? One clear reason was because we are constantly able to meet our colleagues in the office.  We were constantly chatting, be it for official work matters, or for social matters, we could communicate freely.

However, when COVID-19 struck all of us, and when our governments had to implement lock-downs, movement control orders, circuit breakers, etc we suddenly had to adapt to a new norm – The norm of Working from Home (WFH), the norm of using online platform to communicate.  Suddenly, a lot of people out there felt that the good old days of able to speak and communicate freely with their colleagues, were gone in an instant!  All of us had to adapt to the new way of communication.

Despite having sophisticated online conferencing tools like ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts to facilitate in our usual meetings and discussions, things are just not the same anymore.  Many a times, we felt that during the online meetings, people are either switching off their videos or their audios!  This made communication even tougher.  At times, we would even wonder if our messages did get through to the receiving party at all.  Sometimes, because the lack of facial expressions and ‘facial feedbacks’, we would not be able to sense make if the receiving party did indeed receive the actual message in full; or whether if they fully understood the intent of a certain messages.  And it’s because of these non-clarity, misunderstandings might occur, worse of all, things might not be done in the intended way!

To solve all these communications related issues, companies could leverage on Virtual Teambuilding and select a communication-based teambuilding games which are able to help them solve some of these communications related issues.  Through a light hearted online teambuilding, the companies can tell their employees that they can also have some fun during online conferencing, and not all online conferences are boring.

With a customised Online Teambuilding programmes that addresses communication issues, companies are able to subtlely address the communications issues amongst their employees, and best of all, give them a break by having fun.  After all, all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.  Don’t you think so?


By Jack Sparrow

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