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Why doing a Virtual Team Building can help people connect with one another?

Many of us must have agreed that the year 2020 has started on a wrong footing.  COVID-19 virus also threatened the world’s economy and the livelihood of many individuals worldwide.  With many countries implementing lock-down, many of these individuals are before forced to work from home.

Since April 2020, Work From Home (WFH) has been a common term that many employees have gotten used to.  As vaccines for the COVID-19 virus are still underway, what does that mean for those that have to continue to WFH? How are they going to be in touch with their colleagues? How do they get to meet them without flouting any ‘Lock Down’ rules and regulations from the respective countries? And how are they going to still have a certain form of social interaction while being locked down in their respective homes?

Well, the answer is – Virtual Teambuilding!  Yes! Virtual Teambuilding is a concept which was not known by many before the world got stricken by COVID-19. However, as days go by, people understood that they need to be ‘connected’ virtually so as not to lose the connection between them and their fellow colleagues.  Virtual Teambuilding is a way to connect people online leveraging on several online conferencing tools like ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout etc.

Through fun, interactive and engaging online Teambuilding games, people are able to be connected digitally with their counterparts via online platforms.  All they require is just a stable internet connection before they can interact and connect with their colleagues!  Through an hour or two via online games, fun and laughter can often be exchanged amongst the colleagues who are separated by tens of thousands of miles away without having the need to travel too! Come to think of it, COVID-19 has created opportunities for people to interact better via Online Teambuilding programmes without the hassle of travelling, and this method helped companies cut lots of costs in the process too! So the next time you are thinking that Working From Home (WFH) deprive you of meeting your colleagues, why not give the Virtual Teambuilding programme a try?  Beware, you might just get hooked!


BY Jack Sparrow

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