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Happy Sparrow’s Tips for throwing a virtual party or virtual teambuilding event

Tips for throwing a virtual party or virtual teambuilding event

When it comes to organizing virtual parties, most organizers will be overwhelmed by the stuffs that they need to do so as to make the virtual party fun and engaging. So how do you make the party engaging then? Well, the first step you need to do as a host is to, RELAX! Yes! RELAX! Once you are able to do that, Happy Sparrow will share with you a few tips to let you embark on your first Virtual Party. Just follow the steps, and you will be ok.
1. Decide on a theme for your party
Before you start to do and plan anything, first decide on the party theme! Is it going to be a pyjamas party or a Halloween night? How about a Chinese New Year theme since the event is near Chinese New Year? Having decided on a theme will make your planning much more efficient!

2. Decide on a Day and Time
Pick a date and time where most of the participants are able to attend. And if you are inviting overseas participants, do pay attention to time zones too! The best way is to send a mass email to all those whom you wanna invite and give them a few dates to choose from. Ideally is 3 dates, don’t give them too many. They will be overwhelmed! End of the day, choose the date where the majority can make it. It doesn’t really matter if you can’t achieve 100% attendance rate. Cos it is just not possible! So don’t stress yourself with a 100% attendance ok? A 80% will be awesome enough already!

3. Decide on your hosting platform
Decide on what kind of hosting platform you want to organize your virtual parties. Will it be a Microsoft teams, Webex or even Zoom? Too many to choose from? Overwhelmed with choices? Well, just choose Zoom. Save all your troubles! (Note: I am not paid by Zoom to say that, ok! Just a personal preference in terms of the versatility of this programme.) The good thing about Zoom is that their free version allows you to host up to 100 attendees to meet for a maximum of 40 minutes. So if you are looking for more time with no breakage, you can consider upgrading your plan.
4. Send the link to the video.
Once you have decided on the hosting platform, and a chosen date and time, do remember to ensure to send out an former Invitation link to all those participants whom have indicated interests to attend your virtual party or virtual teambuilding programme. Very important! Send the invitation link to all at least 2 weeks in advance before anything else.
5. Send reminders.
If you are a kiasu organizer, feel free to send out reminders 1 week before the commencement of your virtual programme so that the participants have no chance to back out! Depending on how kiasu you are you can send out the reminders via emails, sms or even whatsapp! Just to create the hype!
6. Select your party food and drink.
If budget allows, you can prepare food bentos to be sent to all the participants’ home addresses 1hr before the party or virtual teambuilding begin! But do put a note to let them know not to start consuming the food first! Because its always tempting!

If there isn’t any budget, ask your participants to prepare their food before the party starts. This is where the theme of the programme comes into play. If it’s a Chinese New Year themed party/ virtual teambuilding, ask them to prepare something relevant. This includes their food and drinks as well!
7. Stick to your party agenda
If you have planned for a 1.5hr virtual programme, stick to it. Don’t let it spin out of control. Ensure you have roughly penned down what you need to do within the stipulated time-frame ie How long for each segment/ games. Share you planned agenda with all the participants so at least they will know and mentally be prepared and aware of what to expect. Well, sometimes, its ok to throw in a surprise element for all too. But you need to be good with time keeping first!

8. Ask for feedback!
Be humble, send out a feedback survey asking the participants for their thoughts and areas for improvement for the next party. Remember, this is the first time you are attempting to host a virtual party/ teambuilding event. You will definitely want to find out how it goes, well, at least to hear out from the horses’ mouths. So take it in good stride, cos all feedbacks will make your subsequent virtual engagement parties or teambuilding a better and more engaging one! Practice makes perfect!

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