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Types of Role In Any Team Building

Companies consist of many different individuals with different personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. This is what makes a team a great where each others strengths will strengthen the others weaknesses. When working together within a team, it can exhilarating and challenging at the same time. While personality and working style play a great part in ensuring a team can succeed at a goal, there is also a territorial aspect that comes into play. When talking about territory, it does not mean what you would think about associating with animals. It is about the roles each individual has in a working environment. When these aren’t well defined, it can lead to a project going off the goal or even failing altogether.

Team building is a great way in ensuring each individual has the right mindset. However, there is not any 1 type of team building activity which will suit every individual and make them a great team player. These are the types of roles to have in every team building session and make every person has a chance to have a try in each session.

The Leader

Once the activity has begun, decide on who will be the leader. Being a leader is never an easy task as this persons role is to make sure that everyone is on the right mindset to achieve the same goal. They are also responsible for mediating conflicts, and smoothing out the communications between the team members during the team building activity. Leaders will also generally lead discussions and delegate task equally to all team members. Most people will always have some level of leadership qualities in them, just whether they can showcase them in a bigger stage.

Team Player

Generally, all individuals are team players and there will always be someone which will show more enthusiasm when it comes to team building retreats. As a team player you should always show more enthusiasm to make sure that the goal is achieve or that the project is completed efficiently. Great team players are always eager to help, compromise and be diplomatic at the same time. Individuals who are known to have this trait tend to not be initiators, but they are definitely great are following through with a task and calm settle conflicts.


Having planners are important in any team, and the reason for that is for making sure that there is plan before executing. These individuals are usually more motivated than others. They have the drive to organise processes and making sure that everything has a step by step order. It is a good thing to have a planner in any team as they will make sure that the project will be completed in time.

The Creative

Creative individuals can be sometimes good and bad at the same time. Being caught up in their zone of imagination, problem solving, and conceptualising. It can be good as the amount of ideas will be abundant and you wont need to worry about it so much. In a team building activity, they can sometimes not be clear communicators, diplomats or even abide to a working timeline. If you pair a great planner with a great creative individual, you will have something very remarkable come out of it.

These are just some of the individual roles that are available in any team. There are a few more which can be beneficial to a team as well. But overall, we should have these important ones first while building a proper team. Team building activities can be beneficial in terms of providing a different aspect or even building up a role for an individual which the person has never explored before. That is one of the benefits of having a team building session for everyone to explore.

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