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Team Building in Bali | Team Building Singapore

Companies usually organise team-building activities in Singapore with the intention to improve team morale and cohesion. It has been proven an effective team usually helps the company move forward faster and achieve its objective earlier. Whether you are looking for new team-building activities or new places to explore, there are endless opportunities available in Singapore. Being a transit hub for major airlines as well as close proximity to Malaysia and Indonesia, it is no wonder why more and more Singapore companies are looking to international destinations for team-building activities.

There are a few reasons for this. First, due to Singapore strong currency, it can be cheaper to organise team-building activities internationally. Secondly, your team can explore new places and do corporate retreat at the same time. Last but not least, curious members can explore new places, learn new culture and eat good food, all for the name of exploring new perspectives which can be helpful in solving challenging company tasks.

With that said, however, organising a team-building event internationally can be taxing since you’ll need to take care of the logistics, accommodation and transport. Hence this is where team-building companies in Singapore come in handy. Most team building companies will be able to organize international destinations affordably due to their connection and partner discounts.

Bali As Team Building Destination

Perfect weather, blue beaches and outdoor activities are just some of the famously associated words when one think of Bali. Bali is a world-class tourist destination located in Indonesia that is well known for its cultural diversity, traditions and rich history. Companies looking for a team-building destination should consider Bali due to its close proximity to Singapore. Bali is surrounded by a lot of adventurous activities, such as camping, river rafting, cycling, trekking and sea activities, which all make perfect sense for a perfect team-building activity.

Likewise, Bali is a big island. There are a lot of places to explore by car or for those with adventurous curiosity, by bike. Companies looking to Bali as a destination for their team-building activities may consider staying in Kuta or Seminyak area, which is near to places specialise in team-building events such as Ubud Adventure Camp or Toya Desvasya Camp.

When it comes to food, Bali is known for its uniqueness compared to other destinations. Locals even named Bali the food capital of Indonesia for its availability and a wide variety of food choices. Every year, millions of people fly in from other countries to visit Bali. The diversity of tourists in Bali has influenced the local culinary scene to adopt the tastebuds of people from all around the world. Today, if you are visiting Bali, you can almost find every food in the world on this island. You can even make it as part of the team-building activity to try and taste some of the uncommon food and dishes you come across in Bali.


Fortunately for Singapore, there are many airlines who make the trip to Bali regularly. Depending on if you’re flying budget or travelling the full-fledged style, airfares range from SGD 150 – SGD 300 per person. When it comes to accommodation, you can settle for a Villa in Bali for less than SGD 100 per person per night. Food and activities should cost a fraction of what you’re paying in Singapore. All in all, Bali makes perfect sense for an international team-building destination yet remain a viable choice for a budget-friendly company event. Still, if your company is the sort of paying it all and ask someone to organize, look no further than team-building companies in Singapore. Fuss-free, friendly and experienced, you’ll probably get one of the best company team-building event you’ve ever attended.





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