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Improving Team Morale | Singapore Team Building

Employees are probably one of the greatest assets of a great company. Many CEOs of fortune 500 companies have attributed the success of their growth to their employee’s dedication and hard work. When the company take care of its employees, the employees will naturally take care of the company’s customers. Turns out this saying was right. When people working under a company becomes stressful or burnout, their work performance drop. If this issue is not addressed, eventually overall productivity falls and employees start leaving the company.

As a business owner, it is our responsibility to ensure we create a positive environment for our employees to perform. In order to create this positive space, we need to make sure we hire the correct people and create a space for our employees to perform their work. Team morale is important and the foundation to that is a strong team relationship. Here, we’ve created 3 ways to improve team relationship within the company.

Communication Is Key

Your employees are human. Humans, after all, are an emotional creature. As a business owner or manager, we need to regularly check-in with our team condition and communicate often. Let your employees know that we value their feedback and opinions. An extra set of eyes and ears won’t hurt your business. Explain to your employees when there is going to be an operational change. Discuss with them how this will affect them and if they are okay with it. Listen to their suggestion.

If you constantly communicate with your employees about the situation on the ground, you’ll mitigate the risk of negative spaces. Your employees will know you value them and perform better.

Firm Decisions

Employees are followers inside the company. They need to know that the company has a direction so they can grow with the company. As a business owner, sometimes we have to make difficult business decisions. When we are at the crossword between choices, a leader must be able to evaluate the pros and cons of each choice and make a firm decision in choosing one that is at the best interest of the company at that point of time.

A leader must know that there are no right business decisions, just poor decisions. This is inevitable. No leaders make 100% right decisions all the time. The difference between a good leader and a poor leader is how we react to that decision. When this happens, educate yourself and inform your employees why this decision has been made and how we can improve in the future.

Employees appreciate the feedback loop the management provides and value the relationship between that of the employer and employee.

Team Building Events

Good companies organise team-building activities at least once a year. Most new entrepreneurs view this as a business entertainment expense. Successful companies view this as a sort of investment. Sure, the output cannot be quantifiable or be seen, but the improvement in team cohesion usually result in improved productivity and team bonding. Stronger bond makes an effective team, leading to less working issues in your workplace.

There are a lot of team-building activities that drive a different result. Want to improve team coordination? Beach activity that requires teamwork to complete. Want to improve team cohesion? Campfire activity sounds right. Want to improve leadership skills? Navigation activity is the way to go. As you can see, different objectives call for different activities.

Most companies usually engage a team-building company in Singapore to organise the activity for them. The team-building company in Singapore usually ask what the company tries to achieve and then proceed with organising the activity for them. People specialise in team-building activities usually observe the team cohesion and suggest activities dynamically in order to achieve what the company needed.


Team morale is an important element in an effective team. Unfortunately, there are no one assessment that exists in this world that can bring a quantifiable element of team morale to the table. What businesses can do is to improve their ways of operation and constantly communicate with key stakeholders to gather feedback and improve on activities that can promote better team morale.

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