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Corporate Anniversary | Corporate Dinner and Dance

There are many milestones in a company’s journey towards success. In the business world, one such major milestone is corporate anniversary. There are many benefits in organising a corporate anniversary celebration. Usually all stakeholders are invited to the celebration in order to witness company achievement for the past one year and the plan moving forward. Through the event, it is a good platform for the management to express and acknowledge the dedication and hard work of the employees in their duty. Indirectly, it is also a good marketing platform for the company as you can attract new clients and honour your existing clients.

With all that said, when it comes to planning for a corporate anniversary event, it can be though as there are many things to factor and plan. Hence it is common for Singapore companies to engage team-building company in Singapore to help them with such preparation. Currently, corporate dinner and dance parties are the most common theme in corporate anniversary celebration. However, if you would like to plan it yourselves, here are some tips we can share so you can make a perfect corporate anniversary event:

Money & Budgeting

Planning for any type of event, be it corporate anniversaries or team activities without a set budget is planning to fail. In event planning, cost can easily skyrocket. Budget helps us limit our desire and spending so the money doesn’t hurt us in organising and executing a corporate anniversary celebration.

As corporate anniversary are usually associated with a company’s image, it may be a good idea to splurge on this event to promote branding and exposure of the company. However, money cannot buy experience so it really depends on the type of setting, theme and activities you have planned to ensure success of your corporate anniversary celebration.


If you have a big office, then you should consider hosting it in your office. Hosting in your office gives outsiders potential peek into your working culture and work process. Clients visiting your office will feel assured if they see the amount of work poured into their projects. Impression matters. Another bonus is you do save money on hosting that can be put into better places such as better foods and drinks.

However, we understand that not all businesses have big offices. If your office is not an ideal location to host corporate anniversary, then you’re in luck. There are many event places around Singapore you can rent that can host your corporate anniversary. Renting isn’t a bad idea as it open up some form of flexibility in your planning. You get to choose the amount fo space, atmosphere, ease of accessibility among others.

Entertainment & Atmosphere

Since corporate anniversary is all about the company’s birthday, it would be a great idea to decorate up the venue. You can engage a professional designer to freshen up your company logo with the number of years in service specially for the anniversary. With this, you can put the logo and photos of your events up in social media and your website. This will help in gaining exposure for your company to the general public.

If you’re organising corporate dinner and dance as the anniversary theme, then the celebration is incomplete without an entertainer. Your anniversary shouldn’t be dull so it might be a good idea to hire a band together with singer to entertain the crowd.

Foods and Drinks

Good food and ample drinks leave memorable experiences. You do not want to skimp on this but yet going over the budget as well. The simplest way to get good foods and drinks without the hassle of putting too little is going through a catering company. There should be a wide variety of food and drinks available. You should also pay close attention to special dietary needs of your guests and make sure these are catered for. The idea is to make sure everyone is satisfied.


Organising a corporate anniversary can be tricky as you will be inviting all the stakeholders of your company for the celebration. It can also get stressful as you will have to deal with multiple vendors to get things running smoothly. Fortunately, there are a lot of companies that specialise in organising corporate celebrations like this. If corporate dance and dinner is your theme, then look no further than Happy Sparrow!

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