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Overseas Team Building From Singapore With Limited Budget

Companies looking to organize a bonding session with team members can look into overseas team-building opportunities, especially when the team is lean and versatile. Companies based in Singapore are lucky enough as Singapore is the central aviation hub which means there are plenty of flights flying from Changi airport every day to almost all destinations around the world. On top of that, being awarded a developed nation status, we have more to gain from the strength of our currency, the Singapore Dollars (SGD).

If your company happens to have a limited budget, there are actually a few places that you can discover and organize team-building activities. For this, we’ll be looking into the top 3 countries that you should organize team-building activities in with limited budget:


Malaysia is very similar to Singapore when it comes to culture but the country has much to offer if your team is into natural flora and fauna. The country is surrounded by beautiful forests. Food is widely available and delicious. When you take into account currency conversion, everything looks cheaper in Malaysia. We recommend skipping the mainstream cities as they are common to every Singaporean. Instead, we suggest exploring other less famous cities such as Kota Kinabalu or Kuching where there are more wonders to discover with less publicity.

Fortunately, there are a lot of budget airlines flying from Singapore to Malaysia. With an average flight time of an hour or two, Malaysia is a great place to consider team-building activities.

Organizing an overseas team-building session can be a challenge if you do not have the experience or contact. We suggest you seek professional help from team-building companies in Singapore as they will assist you further.


When you mention Thailand and the first thing to cross your mind would be the famously known paradise for shopping. If your team comprises more females compared to males, Bangkok is a good start. We always consider shopping a sport, rather than a mindless hobby. However, Thailand is more than just Bangkok. Phuket is a good place especially with team-building over water or beach activities. Chiang Mai is a good place if you want to organize a team hiking activity that takes you over Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s tallest mountain.

There is more to offer in Thailand. We recommend you to explore the endless possibilities. Thailand is also cheaper thanks to Thai Baht and the government’s policy in keeping the currency low to promote exports.


Last but not least, our southern neighbor Indonesia is a good place to organize team-building activities. Indonesia is a great place that is rich in culture and delicious food. If your team likes architecture and history then a visit to the iconic Boroborobodur is a must. Bali is also a good place to organize various team-building activities especially given the island’s iconic status. You can organize a semi team-building activity but also allocate some time off for your members to tour around the island, making the entire team-building activity and enjoyable one.

As reiterated earlier, Singapore is an aviation hub and there are countless budget airlines operating between Singapore and major international airports in Indonesia.


We are lucky to be living and working in Singapore. There are just too many options when it comes to overseas team-building activities. With that said, we must caution that organizing team-building activities is not an easy job and companies looking to organize a perfect team-building activity should consider engaging a professional team-building company in Singapore.

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