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Sparrow’s Kite Challenge

About Happy Sparrow’s Kite Challenge

Be it for self-recreation, artistic exhibit, or practical uses, kites had a long history and remained popular to this date. But when was the last time you fly a kite? Do you still remember the good old days where we have to craft our own kites and try to ‘fly’ them up in the air by running around? Kite making is a creative teambuilding programme which allows company and their employees to do something relaxing away from their office environment, and see their creative works soar in the air.

Why Kite Challenge as Team Building Activity of Choice?

The Sparrow’s Kite Challenge gives participants the chance to reminisce the good old days of making and flying those kites. From the corporate team building angle, participants will work together to create company kite where they have to write down their visions and missions onto the kites. Flying those kites in the air is actually a metaphor to show that whatever goals they have written onto the kites has actually turned into reality.

Furthermore, this is also a fun family bonding programme. The adults and kids can let their creative juices flow by creating that special Family Kite together as a family. Your kids will love you for spending some quality time together with them!

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