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Sparrow’s Self-Defence Teambuilding for the Office Workers

Aim: Today, we are living in the world of uncertainties. How many times have we read about innocent people getting stabbed or being punched on the streets. And in many cases, these victims do not have any enmity with the aggressors; they are just at the wrong place at the wrong time. What if we can change all these? What if through a session of self-defence teambuilding so you can be more aware on how to use your hands and body movements to deflect potential threats or risks of being punched on the streets.

Rationale: In this fast paced society, employees often find themselves stuck at their office chairs and tables, answering and following up with mountains of emails. At the end of the day, they are often tired and not having the energy to do anything else. Leveraging on the the Sparrow’s Self-Defence Teambuilding Programme, not only participants are able to have a day of fun filled with interesting self-defence related teambuilding activities to complete and get to know more about their teammates, they will also be equipped with some basic skills of self-defence where they will be able to have that option of fending for themselves in the face of danger.

You will be equipped with the knowledge of constantly being on their toes by being more situational aware of your surroundings. You will walk away from this self-defence team building activity with more confidence that you will always have their backs covered by your fellow colleagues too!

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