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Amazing Sparrow’s Heritage Race

The Origin of Amazing Sparrow’s Heritage Race

Singaporeans often complain that there ain’t many things to do in Singapore. However, when Jack of Happy Sparrow went to recce some of the existing museums built for Singaporeans, he was impressed! Happy Sparrow then customised a Heritage Race which requires participants to visit these beautifully built museums and buildings.

In order to preserve the heritage of Singapore, the government actually spent lots of money and effort so as to allow Singaporeans and foreign visitors to witness the city’s history. At the end of the programme, participants would have learned many things they don’t know before about the Lion City.

The Aim of the Heritage Race

To build teamwork and collaboration through a series of missions and race; to get participants to know more about Singapore’s Heritage, and at the same time, have fun as well! The Amazing Sparrow’s Heritage Race brings out the best in every individual as the tasks require creativity, good observations, and planning skill.

So far, the Heritage Race never fails to bring out those smiles in everyone. At the end of the day, participants will thank Happy Sparrow for delivering such a well thought programme! We can’t recommend this enough for team bonding or corporate team building! It’s gonna change the way you see Singapore and boost your team’s pride of the nation!

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