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Sparrow’s Tattered Jeans Race

About Sparrow’s Tattered Jeans Race

In the Sparrow’s Tattered Jeans Race, participants will arrive in style with their tattered jeans, paired together with a simple t-shirt and their favourite sneakers before they can embark on the race. Our team has creatively programmed all the missions so as to match the participants’ tattered jeans image. As everyone will be in a relaxed mood while completing the assigned missions, we can guarantee lots of laughter and joy.

In this brand new concept to a team building programme, it’s a very interesting sight to see office workers dress down to a simple yet fashionable style in an attempt to complete the challenges. Seeing that low-key colleague of yours can actually pull off the killer look might surprise you!

Tattered Jeans 2

Why tattered jeans as team building activity of choice?

Tattered jeans (or distressed/ripped jeans) aren’t a new thing. Like everything else in fashion, they come and go. And currently, they just so happen to be in. Tattered jeans aren’t just made for the streets; you can actually wear it to the beach, clubs, and other informal special occasions.

People invent articles of clothing for a functional purpose before turning them into fashion pieces. But as they become symbolic of a certain kind of lifestyle or aesthetic, certain items become expressive of meaning. Just as painting, writing and photography are forms of artistic expression, the creation and wearing of fashion can similarly express creative energy. Thus, wearing tattered jeans is an expression of your artistic self too. This way, you can get to know the real each other as you bond together over fun team building activities in Singapore.

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