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Sparrow’s Durian Durian Teambuilding Programme

Happy Sparrow’s Teambuilding Programme


As the end of the durian season draws near, there are more reasons than ever to head down to the nearest durian stalls in order to stock up on these delectable fruits. Although, since teambuilding companies are doing their annual teambuilding activities anyway, it’d be a great idea to allow them to experience the culinary and educational aspect of the durian, as well as choosing a durian, opening one up, and then ultimately, eating it!

When certain individuals crave durians, they’d ask others “What’re the best Durian stalls in town?” those that are being asked would subconsciously shout “Mao Shan Wang!!!” However, just because that particular stall is regarded as the “Best in town” doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best in town. In essence, the durian itself can be judged as authentic or inauthentic. Would you be able to distinguish the differences between an authentic or inauthentic Mao Shan Wang durian?

In fact, there are numerous other types of durians. Red Prawns, D13, D124, and even the Kampung durians. How would you be able to differentiate between a poor quality durian, an acceptable durian, or a good one? The distinctions are quite interesting, actually. However, once you’ve learned and managed to choose one of top quality. What’s next? How would you go about opening one up properly? How would you handle a durian without hurting it in the process?  These are just some of the things you’ll be able to learn and experience during the Amazing Sparrow’s Durian Durian Teambuilding Programme.

At the end of the day, participants not only get their stomachs filled with delicious durians, they will be surrounded by a welcoming environment, a friendly atmosphere, and individuals who share the love of the same fruit. You will even walk away with the educational aspects of durians, the prep work, and the proper handling process of them, giving yourself the knowledge to impress your family, friends, and perhaps your significant other!

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