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Sparrow’s Row, Row, Row Your Paper Boat Adventure

Aim: Have you ever been on a boat ride? Its fun and relaxing, isn’t it? What if you are given a chance to design and build your own boat with your colleague—with paper card boards!?

Rationale: The Sparrow’s Row, Row, Row your Paper Boat Adventure is a creative and hilarious teambuilding programme where participants have to design and build their boats using paper card boards and material provided for them. The boats have to be well designed so that it can hold on to the weight of an adult, and it must be able to move in the water as well.

This adventure brings participants out of the comfort of their office, where they are required to challenge themselves to make something that is seemingly impossible to work! Lots of communication and strategizing will take place before the construction phase. And yeah, there will be plenty of chances for the participants’ creative juices to overflow. At the end of the day, everyone is ensured of a good laugh and a day of fun with this team building activity by Happy Sparrow’s team!

Here are some snapshots of past Row, Row, Row Your Paper Boat Adventures with our clients!

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