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Corporate Teambuilding Adventures

9 Unique adventures for team bonding in Singapore

How well do you know those who are nearby? Are your coworkers only farewell buddies? The best approach for you and your team to bond is by playing some team-building activities in Singapore. These enjoyable team-building exercises improve team unity and, as a result, foster better corporate culture.

You want the team-building game to be enjoyable for your coworkers and for them to enjoy connecting with one another.

Here is a collection of some great team-building games for your business.

1) Art Puzzle

Your inner artist will come out thanks to this team-building exercise led by international artist Inessa K. Create collaborative art projects inspired by your team’s shared values or the event topic by learning lesser-known painting techniques from seasoned artists. There are two ways to do this: either you paint self-portraits on canvases using acrylic paint or you collaborate with your colleagues to produce an artwork that you can hang on your office wall. That will support idea generation and foster interpersonal relationships among staff members.

2) Virtual escape room

The Fun Empire has made its prestigious expertise available online. The firm has particularly built this platform to allow participants to tackle difficulties from the convenience of their own homes. Small groups of two players up to enormous groups of hundreds can play this virtual game. Use this opportunity to strengthen your relationship with friends, family, and coworkers while also honing your communication and problem-solving abilities. This activity can unquestionably serve as an ideal corporate team-building exercise!

3) Virtual clay-making workshop

This is the most recent trend to be added to your list of enjoyable team activities. Discover how to create your own clay charms or figurines. It is a fantastic method to create something unique for your loved ones as well! We exclusively use premium air-dry clay, which is incredibly lightweight and adaptable. Additionally, it is toxic-free and kid-friendly!

During our live, online virtual clay workshop session, our qualified teachers will be guiding you. You will pick up fundamental ideas including colour blending, fundamental forms, and crucial clay handling and moulding techniques. Let your creativity be unleashed and come up with a unique design for your very own clay figurine. 

4) Archery

Have you ever wished you could shoot arrows from a bow like Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games? You can now, thanks to Combat Archery, a game that combines archery and dodgeball. You and your coworkers will compete in teams across many game tasks in this fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping corporate team-building activity called Combat Archery. Due to the use of specialized foam-tipped arrows, this game is safe. For further security, participants are also provided face masks.

The Revival, Domination, and The Last King are just a few of the team-building activities that Combat Archery Tag Singapore offers. While attempting to avoid your opponents’ arrows and aiming to fulfil game objectives, the missions will put your team’s accuracy and cohesiveness to the test.

5) Giant board games

Want to make the classic childhood games you played as a kid bigger and better? There are such games available, including giant versions of Jenga, pick-up sticks, connect four, and snakes and ladders. All of the life-sized board games are excellent and engaging icebreakers in Singapore.

6) Treasure hunt

Enjoy playing detective? Consider participating in a team-building activity based on an adventure map that needs groups to search Singapore for pre-hidden objects and solve puzzles. Through the various hurdles that must be overcome to finish the Treasure Hunt experience, it’s a terrific opportunity for you and your coworkers to foster collaboration and togetherness.

In order to win the big prize, competitors must put together all of the found artefacts and combine the hints to complete the final task. The communication and teamwork abilities of your group will be put to the test by this team-building activity!

7) Virtual terrarium workshop

Are you looking for a creative project to undertake at home with your friends or coworkers? The workshop, which has won several awards and is very well-liked, has been turned into a digital experience by The Fun Empire. The best part is that each participant gets their Terrarium Home Kits delivered right to their home!

Our terrarium-making trainers will be sure to guide you through this class. Theoretically and practically, they will walk you through creating your own mini garden. You will receive all the necessary supplies, as well as a sweet figure to round off the look!

8) Amazing race

Amazing Race is a fun activity for team building that takes you and your group to various Singapore locales to overcome a variety of unusual obstacles. Teams will move between checkpoints, completing each task before moving on to the next checkpoint. Towards the conclusion of this team-building experience, the winning team is the first team to arrive at the final destination point the quickest! This is a fantastic team-building exercise for your business team-bonding day because it calls for plenty of cooperation and communication.

9) Go-karting

Find out who among your coworkers has high-speed driving talents by competing against them in specially constructed Go-Karts! Team members can choose from a variety of tracks, including karting arenas and well-known international racing tracks. Faster Go-Karts are available to participants with valid driver’s licenses, while slower Go-Karts are required for non-drivers. Have fun navigating the track’s many bends and turns as you compete to finish first while testing your high-speed driving skills.

So what are you waiting for? This list has shown some exciting team-building activities that have a fun and engaging environment for your corporate team-building session. Can’t wait to organise your next team-building event? Find out more by visiting our company which specializes in team-building events.

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