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5 gyms that host corporate retreats

Team building is an important part of companies in Singapore and there are plenty of activities that can be done.

These activities include cooking classes, joining a boot camp, hosting a charity event and also joining a fitness retreat.

The pandemic has proven that prioritizing the well-being of an employee is no longer an option. Employees are no longer focused on just salaries but are actively seeking organizations that are committed to employee wellness, a positive organizational culture, and holistic ways of career development.

Fitness classes are a great way to host a team-building event for a company in Singapore.

Here are 5 gyms to host your next corporate retreats in Singapore

Boulder Movement

Bouldering is a fun event that can be done alone or by a group of people and boulder movement caters to all levels – from beginners to experts.

What is Bouldering?

If you’ve never heard of bouldering, it is similar to rock climbing but it leaves out the ropes and harnesses.

The walls are shorter and a climber only needs climbing shoes and a bag of chalk to solve tricky bouldering problems by locating a route, or sequence of moves using balance, technique, strength, and your brain.

It is done over safety mats which means that the risks of falling off can be managed, and you are free to concentrate on the climbing.

It’s just you, the wall, and your teammates on the ground egging you on.

Boulder movement offers other workouts like cross-fit and yoga to complement the climbs and offers facilities like showers, relaxation areas and storage areas to make the whole experience a more comfortable one.

They have five locations and are able to host training and team-building sessions for your company.

TFX Millenia Walk

This is the largest fitness centre in Singapore. They offer a wide array of gym events such as personal training, fitness classes such as spin classes, hot yoga classes and HITT workouts.

With their large offering, you can easily host a special event for your employees regardless of their fitness levels.

It is a great place for people to try all sorts of workouts in one space.

You can easily join one of the group exercise studios, boxing area, and functional training area with its range of Small Group Training (SGT) classes. The TerraX is an indoor obstacle race training space complete with everything you need for your team-building events.

Core collective

This is a place where fitness meets wellness and lifestyle.

It is one of the more interesting local businesses in the fitness industry as it can create a fun day for literally everyone.

They have personal trainers, chiropractic services, meditation, rehabilitation, facials, medical treatments and even specialized events for a family.

It’s a first-of-its-kind collaborative centre where fitness and wellness entrepreneurs can rent any of the spaces anytime to host sessions for their clients.

This makes it a perfect balance for a team-building event that caters to the individual needs of your employee.

Active SG

Playing sports has always been the ultimate team-building event to keep members motivated.

Active SG has a wide selection of sports fields for team events that are fun and great for motivation.

Some of their offerings include badminton, basketball, swimming, table tennis, netball, volleyball and many others.

This is a great place for your next event to ensure everyone gets some fresh air for a very affordable price.


VisionGym is the first fitness business that specializes in Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training.

What is Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) or E-Stim?

E-stim uses mild electrical currents that target the muscles or nerves.

Its job is to mimic the action of signals from your neurons and is used for muscle recovery or muscle contraction.

Blood flow improves by causing repeated muscle contractions, helping repair injured muscles.

This ultimately strengthens the muscles as well.

VisionGym offers workouts that use EMS or E-stim during their intense total body workouts that are carried out within 20 to 30 minutes.

A typical workout involves wearing a special PowerSuit that connects wirelessly to an app on the iPad stations that can be found throughout the gym.

The workouts will stimulate 7 major muscle groups that activate the metabolism to burn the most calories for up to 72 hours.

It’s not as painful as it sounds ­– the trainer adjusts the current in accordance with each individual.

Haus Athletics

This is a boutique gym with the vibe of a club that specializes in HITT classes.

They offer a wide range of classes in their studio and at home for different sweat levels.

You will find basic primal movements combined with a blend of resistance, endurance and plyometrics (jump training) to train your body like an athlete.

This is a great team-building event as it can be done as a class for more people.

Importance of team building

A fitness retreat is one of the best ways to incorporate more team-building events within your organization.

It is important to consistently host team events as this can help:

1) Build trust

Trust is important amongst employees as it strengthens their bond which allows them to accomplish tasks and make their own decisions.

2) Communication

Working as a team encourages communication and this can help employees discover the strengths and weaknesses of one another whilst reducing miscommunication in the future.

3) Increases productivity

Team building events can act as a break from work and allows the employee to recharge and refresh. Learning to work as a team, can help them learn or sharpen their skills during the event.

4) fosters unity

One of the most important benefits of team building is that it improves interpersonal relationships as they face adversities and share the spotlight with one another.

As they work together, they share their experience, failures and victories which fosters a bond between employees.

5) Encourages Learning

Successful team building can be motivating for employees to learn from one another as they discover and build their skill sets.

Teamwork allows room for fresh ideas and new perspectives compared to solo projects by bringing individual experiences together.

When combined, it becomes a new and innovative idea which makes the work more fun and efficient.

This results in everyone learning from each other.

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