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What is Remote Team Building?

Team building activities are quintessential to any high performing business.

Before Covid-19, team members could enjoy the physical company of colleagues. Much of it led to cherishable lunches and memorable recreational activities.

However, remote working has thrown a wrench at the concept of physicality.

Team members will now have to deal with their colleagues digitally, as remote teams continue to be the norm across creative-centric businesses. How then can remote teams bond?

Remote Team Building?!

Nowadays, remote team building does not mean going far away for a bonding activity with your team members. Rather, it means remote teams meet each other and have fun together, online.

Asked about what they think a remote team building is, some might say, “Will it even be fun when you can’t even greet your team members with even a hug or a handshake?”

You might be surprised at how fun virtual team building activities can be. 

Participating in online games with the entire team and winning in those virtual team building challenges can be a lot of fun.

Every virtual team building event can lead every team member a little bit more comfortable and familiar with other team members.

Sure, virtual events can become chaotic with everyone in a remote team speaking at the same time, but with the help of a virtual team that handles and moderates these types of online events, disasters can be prevented.

There are remote teams that make sure that virtual team building events are well-organized and fun. Well-planned virtual team building activities make participating in it become a meaningful and memorable experience.

Can Team Members Help Organize a Remote Team Building?

Planning team building activities together with team members can get your creative juices flowing. Coming up with fun virtual games can mean frequent virtual meetings, which can be both time-consuming and rewarding.

In order to make everything work, every team member has to contribute an idea.

However, for those who are not really used to organizing remote team building activities, coming up with virtual team building ideas can be a bit stressful.

To avoid unnecessary stress, our company — Happy Sparrow, offer services to make online team building as fun and as organized as possible.

With the help of our remote team, companies can be assured that the team building games created for these virtual team building activities are customized according to job nature.

The absence of face-to-face interactions will not be missed much, as these adventure planners are experts at making a fun virtual team building while also achieving its goal of strengthening work relationships.

Can Work and Play Go Together In a Remote Team Building?

Common objectives like leadership, conflict resolution, communication, role alignment, and teamwork can also be achieved in a remote team building event.

Despite it being a virtual meeting, there are also team building games where each team member will have to sweat it out and take turns to complete fun physical tasks at the safety of their homes, while the other team members cheer online.

Can a Remote Team Building Take a Huge Chunk of Your Day?

Time will fly by so fast that before everyone notices it, 5 hours have already passed and the virtual team building event is already coming to an end.

Depending on the company culture and the number of participants, a remote team building can be done in 2 hours, or it can also last up to 8 hours.

The more team building games there are, the longer the team building activity finishes. Virtual team building games make it possible for team members from different parts of the world to interact and know more about each other from the comfort of their homes.

Will Planning Make or Break a Virtual Team Building?

Be it twenty team members or a thousand members under one team, a remote team building event can be possible with very good planning. A reliable Internet connection is also important.

Planning a successful remote team building can take weeks (or even a month) depending on how complex and how large the event will be. For simple activities involving a small number of remote team members, planning can take a few days to a week.

For team buildings involving hundreds of remote teams, planning might take weeks because making sure all participants are engaged in the team building activities can become very complicated.

A Fun Virtual Team Building Leads to a More Productive Team

Whether it takes days or weeks (or even months!) to plan, a successful remote team building is one that is both fun and has incorporated the team’s objectives very well.

A successful virtual team building is a fun virtual activity that has been perfectly tailored to the company culture and helps improve team spirit.

A successful virtual team building activity helps create a happy remote team. A happy remote team almost always leads to a more productive one.

Interested in hosting your own virtual team building event?

We’re here to help! Let us know what you’re looking for and our consultants will point in you in the right direction.

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