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How to Plan a Team Building Day

Team building events can be really helpful in strengthening teamwork.

It encourages team bonding, while creating personal relationships between team members.

If you have been tasked to be in charge of your company’s team building event but have no idea how to start — here are a few things to consider when planning a team building event.

What Can Make or Break Your Team Building Activity?

Planning any event involving a number of team members can be difficult and time-consuming.

It will require the approval and participation of every team member.

Adding to this is the fact that a majority of meetings held are virtual. A fast and stable Internet connection will be a factor of success (or failure) for your team building event.

A slow and intermittent Internet connection can definitely ruin the fun of interaction for everyone.

Factors like the number of team members, and where each of these team members is located will also have to be considered, as there might be remote teams who are in different time zones from the others.

Creative thinking from a talented group of team members, or the planning team, can result in positive memories and a more productive team.

Who Can You Ask for Help in Planning a Team Building Event?

Planning a team building activity can become a lot easier with the help of an experienced planner, who would take care of the minute details just to make your team building activity flow.  

The whole purpose of a team building event is to develop and strengthen relationship bonds (be it for work or for personal reasons), so before coming up with any kind of activity — you need to establish some basic objectives.

For instance, some of these basic objectives include communication skills, leadership, and teamwork.

Team building exercises that incorporate these objectives and are fun at the same time would be great.

An expert planning team can easily come up with activities that are fun and engaging so that every team member learns to appreciate and apply these basic objectives.

Planning a Team Building Event With Team Members

Depending on the team size or number of team members in a team building event, planning and preparation can take a week up to a month, but the actual team building exercise can last for 1.5 hours, and even up to 8 hours.

Generally, the smaller the number of team members, the shorter the time it needs to be planned and prepared. If there are two remotes teams or more, expect planning and preparation to be done in about a month.

The team leader, or even the entire group, should also set a realistic budget so that the team building activity does not incur unexpected expenses.

The team leader can delegate responsibilities to other team members in order to save time and resources. Our team building company — HappySparrow can facilitate you on this.

Fun Team Building Activities to Strengthen Team Spirit

The team building can start off with icebreaker questions to test teamwork skills. Such team building activities can also start with a sharing of fun and memorable life experiences, just to get rid of that awkward atmosphere between team members.

Team building exercises should be varied and tailored according to the company culture. The strengths of the team members should also be considered when coming up with team building activities.

These team building activities should also help improve the problem-solving skills of all the team members.

For instance, there should be games for team members who are kids at heart and love to play exciting and thrilling games, like the hugely popular Squid Game. This Korean ‘Tag’ game is exactly what high-energy team members need to get the entire group excited.

For team members who are inclined to music and other forms of art, there should be team building activities that allow them to show off those talents, like a singing competition or an acting one. An example would be a lip sync battle, where one person lip sync’s a particular song to the best of his or her ability.

For team members who like travelling, there should be activities that allow them to sweat it out by going to nearby different locations and maybe search for clues that ultimately lead to a grand prize.

Outdoor team building activities inspired by The Amazing Race can be fun too. A scavenger hunt type of game will work very well too.

Team members who love to solve puzzles or mysteries can have activities that will challenge them to put pieces together in order to win a major prize. A mystery-solving game where two teams compete in completing a daunting task can also be exciting too.

You might think that there is no way a team building activity can be fun when there is no face-to-face interaction. However, good adventure planners can come up with so many fun team building activities that are fun and promote healthy competition.

Despite the hindrances that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused, these team building activities help keep relationships strong and even help build new ones among family members or workmates.

A board game tournament can also be fun to watch in a team building activity. The team leader can encourage other team members to participate in the board games while the entire team cheers them on.

When Team Building Activities Become a Success

A successful team building event will make the whole team look forward to future team building events. For the next team building event, your team can base their ideas on previous team building activities.

A successful business should always include virtual events or outing ideas in order to build relationships that help give the business a firm culture.

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