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Sparrow’s “Cliff-Hanger” Team Building Program

When was the last time you picked up a new skill? It always feels good to learn something new because we all strive to be better everyday, and be better versions of ourselves. Happy Sparrow’s Cliff-Hanger Programme not only allows you to bond with your team, but also lets you learn a new skill! (Unless you are already a certified climber, in which case you would have the opportunity to share your knowledge with your teammates and take the opportunity to climb again.)

Wearing the safety harness, understanding the differences between scaling a wall with a belayer and scaling a wall with a self-belaying device and the right techniques to scale a rock climbing wall are some of the things you can expect to learn.

After you have picked up the above-mentioned basics, you are now ready to work together with your colleagues in our team building segment to go through some fun challenges!

Sparrow’s Speed Climbing Challenge

In this challenge, there will be point sheets planted by the climbing instructor at various points on the rock wall. The objective is to work in teams to retrieve 6 point sheets in the least amount of time. This would require some strategising on the participants’ part, in order to find the most efficient way to climb and retrieve the point sheets. While taking turns to climb, the participants who are not climbing can help to guide and encourage their teammates who are climbing. They can then take turns to scale the wall to give everyone a chance to put into practice whatever they have learnt earlier. The time will stop when all the participants have successfully scaled the wall and retrieved the required number of point sheets.

Sparrow’s Blind Climb

In this special challenge, the participants in each group will be paired up within their own teams and one of the climbers in the pair will be blind-folded. Their partner will guide them through, giving them specific instructions on where to hold and to step to reach a certain point in the wall that they are required to. After one of them has completed, they will swap roles. This will continue until all the pairs in the group have completed the challenge. This might sound very challenging, but it is not impossible. It can be easily completed with effective communication and mutual trust.

In this program, we work with the best climbing professionals to bring you a safe and fun activity and reinvent climbing!

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