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Build Team Chemistry & Fancy Crafts in Arty Farty

As adults, we rarely have the time to indulge in arts and appreciate them as a way to express ourselves. That’s why doing artistic endeavor is probably among the best way to know ourselves and others better — consider this a superb team building opportunity for any company. Creating arts is also beneficial to relieve stress, exercise creativity, improve eye-hand coordination, and more.

If you need more papers or anything, tell us. Don’t strip them off your mate’s craft!

About ‘Arty Farty’

The latest addition to Happy Sparrow‘s growing arsenal of Team Building Programs in Singapore, the Arty Farty focuses on leveraging art for cooperation. From papercraft to knitwork, there are many art forms you can explore in our workshop.

Designers rejoice! Color schemes app not necessary.

Learning a new artistic skill and sabotaging helping your colleagues to create a masterpiece certainly makes for a memorable bonding experience. So what are you waiting for? Schedule your next corporate team building activity with us.

Last we did this was in elementary school. Let’s do this again!

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