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The “600” Race: Team Building Beyond “300”

The telecast of the movie “300” has inspired people worldwide to have that ideal body of the actors. Workout routines have been named after the movie, many of which are overly strenuous for most people. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a legionnaire with “perfect body” to partake in our “600” Race.

Preparing for the race. Find your members and coordinate with them.


About “600” Race

“600” is a further leap from “300”. It is a team building program and corporate retreat designed by Happy Sparrow in Singapore that requires and improves physical and mental fortitude. Prizes await the champions at the finish line, and you won’t have to bleed to overcome the challenge. Just get a good night rest the day before.

Ride for one, or four? It’s part of the fun.

The modern race incorporates old-school tech like bicycles, allowing the young and the elderly to compete on a fair ground (actually it’s not fair at all, being held on and around the beach, but handicaps can be fun!) Thus, we have designed “600” Race to be a corporate retreat and bonding activities for all your team members.

The young and elderly can compete as (if) they’re equal.

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