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9 Cuisines to Try during Team Outings

More and more businesses are seeking fresh, original approaches to team building activity. One method to make sure workers get along well with one another and continue to be productive is to engage them in enjoyable team-building exercises. Activities for developing a culinary team are becoming more and more common in today’s society. As a result of the enjoyable interactions between team members, learning new skills, and creating lifelong memories.

Your team will learn how to successfully communicate, resolve issues, and exercise your creative ways with these collaboration games in your culinary adventure.

The Baking Challenge

Wow, this is one team-building cooking session that will include everyone. Your team will get to collaborate to produce outcomes, which is exciting and dirty in addition to being enjoyable. This assignment, which involves making cookies, cake, chicken, etc., is meant to evaluate time management and communication abilities. Each team member is given a specific assignment to do. They have the option of working in pairs or two-person teams. There are individuals responsible for making the dough, baking, and serving the finished meal. The nicest part of everything is that each team receives a private master chef. They will learn new techniques from this chef for making delectable baked goods.

Italian Pizza Making

Making pizza has become a staple when coming up with entertaining team-building exercises. This is due to the fact that everything must be created from scratch. The teams work with an Italian master chef to learn every step of making delicious pizzas. Teams are split into two to generate competition and make the exercise more entertaining. They copy what they have learnt after seeing the chef knead the dough. The dough is rolled in the second stage until it reaches the appropriate consistency. The teams top their pizzas with mozzarella cheese, tomato purée, and any additional toppings of their choosing in the final phase. The taste test is the greatest part! Each team enjoys both the pizza they made and that of their rivals. Pizza-making encourages productivity but is also one of those teamwork activities that increases creativity.

Delicious Appetizers

Your interest is maintained by the appetizers. They keep you from feeling stuffed and make you look forward to what comes next. They make you more hungry. Making appetizers is fun for team building because of this. Teams can be split into pairs or groups of two, and each group will be assigned a certain appetizer to prepare. The participants are able to develop deeper relationships with one another thanks to these small groups.

They learn how to listen, communicate, empathize, and even acquire abilities they weren’t aware they possessed. Aperitifs such tomato crostini and pomegranate avocado salsa will be made by the teams.

They will learn how to produce straightforward 5-star appetizers since renowned chefs will be instructing them.

Best Dessert Wins

After savouring a great meal, everyone wants a tasty dessert to close the meal in style. Dessert-making is where teams are supposed to really shine. This is where their creativity, skills, and presentation are mainly remembered. Team building cooking classes offer lessons on how to make popular desserts and how to artistically present them. Once presented, each team member will have a taste of the different desserts. The chef will then sample the desserts and choose the winning team. The winners are determined by how creative, tasty and well-presented the dessert is. They will receive some rewards such as a chef’s hat, cooking utensils or aprons. This teambuilding activity promotes healthy competition among participants.

Sushi Making

Sushi is so much more than raw fish and rice wrapped in seaweed. It’s about culture, texture, and technique.

The sushi master chef begins by helping you understand what sushi is, its preparation and varieties.

The chef will first make the sushi and the teams have to repeat what they have seen as much as possible.

The teams will be given a variety of ingredients to choose from including fish, vegetables, and spices.

This fun activity will help you and your team members to capitalize on each other’s strengths. 

The ingredients you use, your technique and how you present the different sushi determines the winning team. The chef will also ask you to taste your opponents’ sushi and fairly critique it.

The Secret Ingredient

This is one team building challenge that will have your team solving problems! The teams are divided into two and are asked to prepare a specific dish.

At some point during the cooking, the chef introduces a secret ingredient. The teams are required to creatively use this ingredient in their food.

The ingredient should blend in well with the food as well as add flavour. This will help you and your team members come up with creative ideas on how to use the ingredient. It will require you to put your heads together and solve a common problem while being creative.

The chefs will taste and judge the food based on which team best used the ingredient.

Chocolatier Extraordinaire

Do you enjoy chocolate as much as I do? You’ll be licking your fingers after participating in this team-building culinary exercise, so I hope it works!

It’s time to start manufacturing chocolate instead of just eating it. You will learn how to manufacture your own delectable chocolates with the assistance of an expert chocolatier.

As you learn how to blend various flavours, you will be able to select from items from all around the world.

The texture, flavour, inventiveness, and presentation of each team’s dish will be evaluated. (Avoid eating them all at once.)

Cake Decoration

With a freshly baked cake, teams get to compete in sculpting and decorating the cake.

This is a teamwork activity that calls for a lot of communication and creativity. You will be required to work together and agree on which sculpting to make, why and what decoration to use.

You also get to choose the kind of decorations to use. They range from edible spray paint, popsicle sticks, gems, icing, etc.

Cake decoration is another one of those fun team building activities that helps break the ice in a team. It is also a great way of forming interpersonal relationships between team members.

Additionally, this challenge encourages patience with one another and lending a helping hand.

Cake and cupcake decoration is not a skill everyone learns quickly. So you discover how to tolerate and encourage the other person as they learn

Wine tasting

Combining the desire to know with the desire to drink wine. It’s unlikely that you and your colleagues reside near picturesque vineyards that produce mouthwatering wines (if you do, consider yourselves lucky). Even so, you may give your staff a virtual wine-tasting experience to take them there.

You’ll receive a variety of wines sent to your house, discover how the wines are created, and discover what flavours to detect when tasting them. In the end, you’ll become an expert on wine and be able to impress everyone with your expertise at the subsequent social event.

Elizabeth & Wine offers one of our favourite online wine sampling experiences. The business provides a range of themed tastings, such as those featuring wines with little climatic influence or female winemakers, and ships products globally.


if you want a successful team, you need to focus on building healthy work relationships next to operating your daily tasks. Incorporating food into your next team building event is an easy way to foster deeper connections between team members while also providing a fun experience. 

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