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8 Unique cafes for team bonding in Singapore

Where should I hold a team-building activity that I’m planning in Singapore soon? If so, you’ve come to the correct place! We’ve gathered 7 entertaining team-bonding venues in Singapore for you, whether you’re organizing an entire day of exciting team building activities or just a relaxed lunch or dinner with your team. Take a look at these areas below!

Team building activities in Singapore

1. Arpanam

room with blue cushioned chairs and sofa
room with laptop tv screen and chairs

Image Credit to Arpanam 

Arpanam would be the ideal location for you if you’re seeking for a space in Little India! Arpanam is a social company with a lovely location that is wonderful for meetings and strives to promote South Indian culture! Arpanam offers a versatile environment that may meet your demands, whether you’re organizing a laid-back team bonding day or one packed with exciting activities! Get to know Arpanam better.

2. Motion Art Space 

art studio with art supplies
art work using paint brush
art studio with different art supplies

Image Credit to Motion Art Space 

At Motion Art Space, everyone can produce amazing art! If you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind art jamming experience, Motion Art Space is the place to be, whether it’s your first time painting or not. You’ll be able to make one-of-a-kind pieces using a pendulum and some paint, and it’s definitely a great approach to spark everyone’s imagination. Plan your next team-building activity at Kampong Glam’s Motion Art Space!

3. Here SG

room with ball pool
room with pool table
room with ball pool and dining area

Image Credit to Here SG

At your team-building activity, are you prepared for some fun? Then you must visit Here SG. The games and activities available here in Singapore are ideal for a team-building activity. You’re likely to find something you enjoy there, from a ball pit to a foosball table and pool table! Here SG is one of the sites you shouldn’t miss because it is conveniently close to the Farrer Park MRT. Learn more about SG here.

4. All To Gather 

room with pool table
loft with soccer table and sofa
multiple dining area in room

All To Gather is unquestionably another location that was created for team-building activities! A 3200 square foot space that is packed with many activities! When you host it there, there is something for everyone, including a PS4, ping pong table, and a private BBQ. Additionally, it is a useful area that may be altered for your occasion. Visit All To Gather and reserve it for your next team-building event!

Team Luncheon / Dinner

5. Vineyard Bistro 

rustic restaurant with plants
outdoor seating area of a restaurant

Image Credit to Vineyard Bistro 

Love both Italian and French food? Vineyard Bistro is the perfect location for you! Vineyard Bistro, a gorgeous rustic restaurant serving French-Italian cuisine, is situated in HortPark, a lovely green area. A cozy location that is well-liked for small private occasions would be ideal for your team building activities. Learn more details about Vineyard Bistro!

6. The Marmalade Pantry Downtown

indoor restaurant with plants
dining area of restaurant

The Marmalade Pantry is another gorgeous location that offers delicious food! a restaurant that has floor to ceiling glass windows so you can see the lush surroundings beautifully. In addition to their stunning décor, they are renowned for their delicious pasta, brunch menu, and cupcakes. The Marmalade Pantry is a fantastic restaurant for team building over delicious cuisine!

7. Baba Chews 

red and black chairs in restauran

Baba Chews is another another eatery that would be ideal for team building. In the former Joo Chiat Police Station in Katong, Baba Chews is a restaurant that provides modern Singaporean and Western cuisine and has a flexible area for hosting events like team-building exercises. For your future event, reserve Baba Chews.

8. Holey Moley

Holey Moley is a place where you can drink, eat, and play a competitive (or not) game of mini-golf with your coworkers. Think of it as a more entertaining version of golf. Drink some cocktails, divide into teams, and play on their unique mini-golf courses designed after historical pop culture references (they provide score sheets). Also have healthy competition between colleagues and enjoy good food for this team bonding event.

What Are Common Team Building Activities?

Escape rooms, art jams, boat vacations, and culinary workshops are a few of the most typical/popular team-building activities in Singapore. Axe throwing, archery, graffiti jamming, kayaking, and even private dining are some of the new activities that teams are finding recently since they are participating in team building activities much more frequently (some teams schedule them every month!). We’ve discovered that teams make greater memories when they engage in novel and exciting activities together!

Are Team Building Activities Suitable For Introverts?

Most introverts find team building events terrifying, especially if they engage the whole organization or call for many teams to collaborate in big groups. However, if you’re organizing any forthcoming introvert-friendly team-building exercises, you might want to think about creative problem-solving exercises like learning to make ice cream, creating graffiti, or working as a bartender. Any outdoor activity would be wonderful, including hiking and kayaking.

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